Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art

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Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art
for Simple Living and Global Justice

"Spirit of Simplicity" Spreads the Word with Few Words

Humorous and serious visuals and brief, powerful quotations are very effective ways of promoting social change, especially as North Americans are developing shorter attention spans.

The collection, "Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art for Simpler Living and Global Justice" shares the joy of simpler living, the urgency and practicality of sustainability, and the need for social justice. It includes humorous, serious, religious and secular quotations and images. This collection encourages and equips individuals and editors in the quest of living more simply for their own happiness and for the health of Earth and all its creatures.

For an "Art Tour" of selections from the collection's graphics, visit SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Achives >> ArtTour

For selected quotations, visit SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Archives >> Lenten Calendar 2001

The CD ROM allows editors of paper-based and electronic publications to "cut and paste" images and quotations electronically.

To read the foreword by Cecile Andrews, author of "Circle of Simplicity," click here SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Archives >> Spirit of Simplicity

These materials are designed for publications (paper and electronic), such as newsletters, church bulletins and web sites. Also, they are suitable for personal inspiration, for sharing with friends and for spreading the word about simpler living... anywhere and everywhere!

Large portions of the collection are available at SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Archives >> Spirit of Simplicity.

The quotations and the illustrations are organized by topics and intermingled for appealing reading.

On the CD-ROM, resolution is 300 dpi, accommodating both Mac & PC formats.

Any of the quotations and images in this collection may be published on paper or electronically (including web sites) on a non-profit basis to promote voluntary simplicity and social justice.

This new resource is funded in part by American Baptist Church Hunger Program; New Road Map Foundation -- www.newroadmap.org; and The Social Ministry and Global Ministry Committees of Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Circle Pines, MN.

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