Sing Justice! Do Justice!

A Collection of New Hymn and Song Texts to Familiar and New Tunes

REVIEW: Sing Justice! Do Justice! is, without a doubt, the finest hymnal supplement I have yet encountered. Beyond the avowed intent of its title, it neither makes concessions to special interest nor does it pander to the lowest common denominator of congregational song. Such integrity (wholeness) is astonishing, and I cannot recommend it too highly for use. Given Selah's generous one-time license for copyrights ($10 per hymn per use), there is no excuse not to see these moving hymns appear in liturgy sheets this fall. - The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians, September, 1998

Twenty-five new texts of hymns and songs are included in the collection Sing Justice! Do Justice! issued by Alternatives for Simple Living and Selah Publishing Company. The collection includes the five winning entries and 20 Honorable Mentions from the over 200 entries in the international contest co-sponsored by Alternatives and The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada.

The words and music come ready for personal or group use. Some of the tunes are familiar and others are new. The collection retails for $9. An audio CD of the hymns is also available.

Some are traditional hymns, others are in folk style. Most are original, previously unpublished English texts with a tune in the public domain or an original tune. Most are for general use, some are seasonal.

All of these wonderful hymns could be sung in church or at conventions, said David Schaap, President of Selah Publishing. Some could be sung at camp and concerts.

The title of the collection comes from the first of the five pillars of voluntary simplicity from Living More with Less: 1. Do Justice; 2. Learn from the World Community; 3. Nurture People; 4. Cherish the Natural Order (Care for Creation); 5. Non-conform Freely.

The contest theme was Justice, specifically social and economic justice from the Biblical perspective. The texts were judged on clear presentation of the theme (rather than esoteric ideas or images), including God's passionate love for the poor, and Christians' appropriate action on behalf of the poor through economic justice, including voluntary simplicity. Only texts that use inclusive language for humankind and are ecumenical in nature were considered.

Simple Living Works! continues Alternatives' mission of equipping people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly. Alternatives produced resources for Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, weddings and other celebrations, some in Spanish. Since 1973, Alternatives has promoted responsible living and celebrating through voluntary simplicity.

SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Archives offers free resources for children and adults on simple living and related topics (such as hunger, the environment, media literacy, etc.).

Sing Justice! Do Justice!
A Collection of New Hymns and Song Texts to Familiar and New Tunes
Worship / Music / Social Ministry
Soft cover book 52 pages 6x9"
$9, Publication Date: August 15, 1998

For your complimentary review copy of Sing Justice! Do Justice! or for further information, please contact: Selah Publishing Co. - 800-852-6172, fax 914-338-2991

E-mail: selahpub@aol.com

For copyright reasons, this collection is not available online.

The booklet and accompanying audio CD are also available from Hymn Society in the US and Canada - TheHymnSociety.org.

Or for further information, contact Gerald Iversen at SimpleLivingWorks@yahoo.com###########

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