Support for Simpler Living


Support for Simpler Living

"People throughout North America seem really hungry for information about living more simply," said Gerald Iversen of Simple Living Works! - successor to Alternatives. "Our hope is that people can learn ways to simplify their lives so that they are not overtaken by stress, debt and guilt. Our Simpler Living Community Network empowers volunteers to help. Visit SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Volunteers," Iversen said.

Free materials are available in Simple Living 101 for volunteers to speak or lead workshops at churches, service clubs, schools and other gatherings about Simple Living. Plus, free coaching service for groups via the internet. Free materials about organizing events, like Third World Craft Fairs, and help to start Simplicity Circles and study/action/accountability groups are available in Simple Living 101.

"If your group that wants one of our free services, contact us," Iversen said. "Also, more volunteers are welcome. We provide strong support."

Free materials from SimpleLivingWorks.org may be used without permission for conferences, meetings, conventions and other events.

Simple Living Works! is an all-volunteer organization that serves everyone and continues the mission of "equipping people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly, and celebrate responsibly" since 1973. Alternatives produced resources on simpler living and related topics (such as hunger, the environment, media literacy, etc.) for Advent and Christmas, for Lent and Easter, for weddings and for year-round use - some in Spanish.

Contact @SimpleLivingWorks@yahoo.com. Visit SimpleLivingWorks.org. . #######

Editors: For more information and interviews, contact Gerald Iversen. To REPRINT any of popular Advent/Christmas annual "Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?" do so under the Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share-and-share-alike license.

NOTE: For a wealth of Alternatives' material for your use, visit

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