Stakeholder Survey 2003

Stakeholder Survey 2003

Dear Friend of Alternatives:

Thank you for sharing our dream of helping people live justly and celebrate responsibly. We need your opinions and comments, as we seek to continue providing quality resources and services.

Answer as much of this questionnaire as you choose. Return by August 1st.  How about now?  Including your name is optional.

To show our appreciation, we will send each responder a $5 gift certificate (by request - see end of survey). One response per person.

If your household has more than one person interested in Alternatives (a stakeholder), please copy the survey and respond separately.

Gerald Iversen, National Coordinator




NOTE: Most of these questions invite MULTIPLE RESPONSES. Mark as many options as you choose.

Please read through and respond to each item.  Then, at the end of the survey, press 'Submit'.  Thank you.


1. If you’d say, “I think that this category in your Resource Guide and web site catalog is already strong,” then mark a "y" for yes.

If you’d say, “I think this category needs strengthening,” then mark "n" for no.

If you’re undecided, leave the category blank.



Alternatives' Resources

Building Community

Bumper stickers


Earth Care

Economics & Money

Faith & Spirituality

Food & Hunger


Games, Storytelling

Cards, Posters & Book Marks

Kids' Stories

Kids' & Their Adults' Activities


Media Literacy



New Titles



Peace & Justice

Simpler Living




Web site

Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?

Sidelines, like canvas & string bags; Fair Trade coffee, tea, cocoa


2. I think, by-and-large, you are offering in the Resource Guide...

Too many titles. I suggest that you remove...
Just the right number
Too few titles. I suggest that you add...

Titles to add/remove


3. In selecting resources to offer, we take a broad view of voluntary simplicity - incorporating 1) personal choices and spirituality, 2) interpersonal relationships (including sharing resources with the needy and inspiration with the privileged needy), and 3) advocacy to corporations and governments to build more just systems.

I find this title in your catalog personally offensive:

This title has changed my life:

You've overlooked the topic of:

For that topic I'd suggest the title (and author):


4-a. We plan to issue some of the following sayings in five formats (flyer, bumper sticker, bulletin insert, stuffer and label) on ready-to-copy paper masters and on our web site so that you can easily spread the word about issues that concern you.

I would be inclined to use inexpensive paper masters to make copies for my own use.
I would rather download free PDFs to make copies.
This project does not interest me.


4-b. The slogans I have marked yes are worth using. Those marked no, definitely not.

Prevent WW III - Conserve water

Think Outside the Box[icon of TV]

Demand Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified FOODS Need LABELS

Boycott all violent media

Nurture People, Not Stuff

Tax Waste - Support Renewables!


We must pay for our right to destroy the Earth.

Big Business must pay for the right to use up the Earth.

NEVER FORGET! Enron-WorldCom-Anderson

It's always me and you and all people and God, never just me and God. -Caesar Chavez

More $$$ for Peace, Not for War!

$$$ for Peace Education, Not ROTC.

The Air Waves Belong to the People! Stop Media Consolidation!

We drive 55 for YOUR Grandkids.

Lewis & Clark Would Never Have Made It Without Sacagawea!

Lewis & Clark Wouldn't Have Made It Without Sacagawea. Honor Native Americans.

A Proud Steward of the Earth.

Citizen ≠ Consumer

Purchasing ≠ Patriotic.

A Patriotic Earthling

I Love America, not Big Business

I Love the Earth, not Big Business


5. Bumper Sticker Contest

Win a $50 Alternatives' gift certificate if your new slogan is selected! Here are my original ideas/slogans:


6. Alternatives plans to issue resources from the past, such as "Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?" in AUDIO format. I'd prefer...

a set of 15 CDs for $50.
two DVDs for $30.
two MP3 CDs (playable on MP3 players and most computer CD drives) for $15.


7. Alternatives is considering offering an INTERNET RADIO service (prerecorded), such as

A. Streaming audio (software is free)
B. Downloadable files (software is one-time $20)

I'm familiar with the concept
I've used type(s): A; B
I've never used it but it's a great idea. I may try it.
I think it's a fad that will pass.


8. Alternatives should offer its NEW audio releases on

internet radio


9. Alternatives should offer selected  PAST audio releases on

internet radio


10. I've found Alternatives' new web site home page

my word would be :


11. Comments on Alternatives resources (quality, price, presentation), service, etc.


12-a. Alternatives plans to issue an inexpensive "Simple Living Guided Journal" based upon our collection of quotes and art "Spirit of Simplicity."  The pages on recycled paper would not be dated, so it could be used anytime.

I prefer a journal for private thoughts.
I prefer a journal for ideas and memories that I could give my children/grandchildren as a legacy.
I prefer a journal designed for both private thoughts & ideas to share.
You should promote computer journaling and not waste more paper.
I think journaling is a fad that's past its peak.


12-b. Alternatives should issue the journal in the following format:

__ 8.5 x 11 sheets, three-hole punched for a binder (more sheets could be added; personal pages could be removed)
8.5 x 5.5 bound booklet


12-c. I prefer...

48 pages
96 pages
365 pages


12-d. I would be willing to pay...

More for 100% recycled paper
A lot more for 100% pcw (post consumer waste)
No more. Use 30% recycled paper.


12-e. I prefer...

White paper with black illustrations (least expensive)
Various colors of paper with black illustrations (more expensive)
White paper with illustrations in various colors (yet more expensive)
Various colors of paper with illustrations in various colors (really expensive)


12-f. Alternatives plans to issue seasonal, 48 page  "Guided Journals". How interested would you be in each of the following:

1) Advent-Christmas,

2) Lent-Easter.


12-g. I would be willing to pay how much each:



I'm in my:


I'm including my name. Send me information about...

remembering Alternatives in my will.
gifting Alternatives appreciated securities.


Gift Certificate

Yes, send the $5 gift certificate. (include your name and address)
No thanks.


Personal Information

(optional unless you want us to reply - e.g. with a Gift Certificate)



Mailing Address:

Daytime Phone:

Email Address:

Thanks again!

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