Survey 2004

Stakeholder Survey 2004

Thank you for sharing our dream of helping people live justly and celebrate responsibly. We need your opinions and comments, as we seek to continue providing quality resources and services.

Answer as much of this questionnaire as you choose. Return by March 1st.  How about now?  Including your name is optional.

If you prefer, respond on-line at http://SimpleLiving.org/Archives/News/2004Survey.php


To show our appreciation, we will send each responder a $5 gift certificate (by request - see end of survey). One response per person.

If your household has more than one person interested in Alternatives (a stakeholder), please copy the survey and respond separately.

Gerald Iversen, National Coordinator




NOTE: Some of these questions invite MULTIPLE RESPONSES. Mark as many options as you choose.

Please read through and respond to each item.  Then, at the end of the survey, press 'Submit'.  Thank you.


1. We plan to issue some of the following sayings in five formats (flyer, bumper sticker, bulletin insert, stuffer and label) on ready-to-copy paper masters and on our web site so that you can easily spread the word about issues that concern you.

If some look familiar, they are part of our new "Simple Living Labels" series.

The slogans I have marked yes are worth using. Those marked no, definitely not.

Our time should be used loving people and using stuff -- not the other way around.

Let's love people and use stuff -- not the other way around.

Simpler, Smaller, Slower and Saner

I dream of giving birth to a child who would ask, "Mother, what was war?"

The price of what we buy is much less important than its cost to the Earth.

Let's Have a More-with-Less Christmas!

Buy Me Nothing... I'll Still Love You.

We wish you a joy-filled, simple Christmas.

We wish you a low stress, no-debt Christmas! 

Yes! to Jesus & Joy / No! to Stress & Stuff  

What Does Jesus Want for Christmas? Tend the Sick, Visit Prisoners, Help Widows and Orphans, Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Preach Good News to the Poor (here and abroad).

This Christmas Let's Share Our Abundance, Not Just Our Excess.

Bearing Gifts Does Not Make Us Wise.

Live Simply.  You'll Love It!

Blessed Are Those Who Work for Peace & Justice Without Violence.

Let's Love God's Earth! / Start by reusing this envelop.

Close the Loop! Use recycled products.

Save Our Precious Resources. Conserve Water, Soil & Air! Don't Pollute!

Give Drink to the Thirsty... / Safeguard Water Worldwide.

Prevent Water Wars. Conserve Water!

Beware of advertising that sells "wants" as "needs."

Media Alert! Commercial media exist to sell stuff.

Obesity Alert! Drink real fruit juice, not soda.

Obesity Alert! Play outside - biking, hiking, jumping rope - not video games.

Game Boy™ or Strong Boy? / Have fun outside, not at the mall.

Genetically Modified FOODS Need LABELS

Tell the Government. Genetically Modified FOODS need LABELS!

Reconnect with the Land. Pull your own weeds. No garden chemicals.

Avoid debt at all costs.

Overconsumption is not our Fair Share.

Health Alert! Idolizing thin is dangerous.

You can't fool me. I use alternative media.

I use independent - not corporate -  media.  

I'm OK. I don't need to wear commercial logos.

We only consider offers & requests received on recycled paper.

Simple Living is for Lovers... / People Lovers & Earth Lovers

Simple Living - the Jesus Style - Is Not Simple.

Simple Living... What Christianity Really Looks Like

Simple Living... What Integrity Looks Like

Simple Living... What Balance Looks Like

Simple Living... Let's Walk God's Talk

Let's Be SMART Capitalists. / Reject Cannibalism of the Earth.

At Christmas do we follow faith or culture? Let's help the needy, not over-consume.


1b. Should labels have Alternatives' name, 800# & web site included? e.g.

At Christmas do we follow faith or culture? Let's help the needy, not over-consume.

 Alternatives for Simple Living (800)821-6153 * SimpleLiving.org  


At Christmas do we follow faith or culture? Let's help the needy, not over-consume.

With or without address?


2. Bumper Sticker Contest

Win a $50 Alternatives' gift certificate if your new slogan is selected! Here are my original ideas/slogans:


3. Comments on Alternatives resources (quality, price, presentation), service, etc.


4. Help us name our new mascot for The Earth Dome.We're looking for a name that's usually neither male nor female.

Domey picture Domey (too much like Dumby or Homey?)
Bucky (after Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome. Too much like buckteeth or Bucky the Beaver?)
Sunny (solar panels)
The Happy Dome
Your suggestions:


5a. I think the "happy dome" is a strong, positive symbol. Use in other ways, such as

on canvas shopping bags
on greeting and post cards
my idea:

(We do not plan to issue shirts. They require too many sizes!)


5b. I don't think the "happy dome" is strong enough for further development. Keep looking. I'd suggest the symbol .


6a. Yes, reignite the "Consumo" campaign.

Use version A (handsome, the one we've been using).
Use version B (haggard).
The happy dome mascot might become the archrival of Consumo.

Version A

Version B


6b. No, "Consumo" is a has been. I'd suggest the symbol


7. Age:

I'm in my:


8. I'm including my name. Send me information about...

remembering Alternatives in my will.
gifting appreciated securities to Alternatives .


9. I'm willing to serve in a focus group by phone.


10. Gift Certificate

Yes, send the $5 gift certificate. (include your name and address)
No thanks.


Personal Information

(optional unless you want us to reply - e.g. with a Gift Certificate)



Mailing Address:

Daytime Phone:

Email Address:

Thanks again!


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