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Send a Message! Be the Message!

Let's follow the fifth Life Standard of Living More with Less -- Non-Conform Freely! Here are suggestions and sources to promote causes and Non-Profits using our bodies -- APPAREL (t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, etc.), buttons and lapel pins -- our cars (bumper stickers, magnets, etc.) and our homes (yard signs, window stickers, posters, etc.), as well as simple items we copy and distribute by hand, through the mail (postcards, greeting cards) and over the internet.

Free SLW! DIY Stickers and Flyers

Send a Message! at Christmas

Send a Message! Year 'Round

Jerry's Choice SOURCES

Syracuse Cultural Workers: Publisher of Peace and Justice Products since 1982.

Northern Sun: Products for Progressives since 1979, such as. . . WhatIf

Simplify T-shirt from MennoMedia (Herald Press), publisher of Living More with Less | See it in action!

ITEMS are arranged by the Five Life Standards of Living More with Less that they support/promote.

1. Do Justice

Trickle Down Doesn't Protest the vast economic inequality thanks to terribly misguided Reagan-omics. BoldProgressives.com says, 'We're still waiting for trickle down economics to work...in the meantime, there's a bumper sticker.'

IfYou IfYou
If You Want Peace
Work for Justice
Button and sticker

2. Learn from the World Community

Fair Trade shirt. Wear an indigenous design

3. Nurture People

God's Work - Our Hands ELCA motto from Old Lutheran: t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie

LIVE GENEROUSLY -Thrivent Financial Action Teams at Thrivent.com. These shirts can only be ordered by Thrivent members (policy holders).

4. Cherish the Natural Order

350.org is building a global climate movement. Climate-focused campaigns, projects and actions led from the bottom-up by people in 188 countries.
Supplier CafePress also has a DIY service, though its daily email marketing is oppressive.
Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org, has written some Advent/Christmas reflections for us.


Sea Shepherd T-shirts, pull-over and zipped sweatshirt
Sea Shepherd is committed to the eradication of pirate whaling, poaching, shark finning, unlawful habitat destruction, and violations of established laws in the world's oceans. DEFEND * CONSERVE * PROTECT -- SeaShepherd.org


Interfaith Power and Light: a religious response to global warming

5. Non-Conform Freely

Alternative, independent, non-commercial media

Democracy Now! Tote bag, hoodie, t-shirts. A daily independent global news hour with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

LinkTV: Your Link to the World


Free Speech TV


GreenAm GreenAm

Green America: campaigns, National Green Pages, Green Business Network

More Fun! Less Stuff from Center for a New American Dream

Simple Living 101

Tools for Activists (shy or bold) to Share the Joy of a Simpler Lifestyle Through Speeches, Workshops, Events, Study/Action Groups, Simplicity Circles and Social Media

Gerald Iversen, editor

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6: Send a Message! Be the Message! (above)

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