Living More with Less: Study/Action Guide

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Living More with Less: Study/Action Guide

TITLE: Living More with Less: Study/Action Guide

AUTHOR: Delores Histand Friesen

PUBLISHER: Alternatives for Simple Living, February, 1999

PURPOSE: To facilitate group study and action using Living More with Less by Doris Janzen Longacre.

INTENDED FOR: Adult or intergenerational groups.


SUBJECT MATTER: Following the outline of Living More with Less, there is a session on each of the five principles set forth in Part 1: Do Justice, Learn from the World Community, Nurture People, Cherish the Natural Order, Nonconform Freely; followed by sessions on each of the ten topics covered in Part 2: Money, Clothes, Homes, Homekeeping, Transportation and Travel, Celebrations, Recreation, Meetinghouses, Eating Together, Strengthing Each Other.

FORMAT: After some introductory material, plans are outlined for 17 sessions. Each session plan contains Goals, Questions for study and reflection, Actions to undertake (either in class or at home), Resources for further study, and Suggestions for Bible study. A Leader's Resource section at the back of the book contains quizzes, choral readings and other resources referred to in the session plans.

POSSIBLE USES: Sunday school elective, small support or accountability groups, family cluster or intergenerational groups, workshops, retreats or seminars. One creative idea would be to involve the whole congregation in a study that would include both worship/celebration/motivation and a study hour.

FOCUS STATEMENT: Living More with Less is a book that asks for change. The goal of this study guide is to integrate study and life. Instead of creating guilt about our lifestyles, it offers hope by breaking down concern into manageable steps toward change.

EVALUATION: An excellent resource. It provides an opportunity for persons to talk about their lifestyle and values in a supportive, open environment.

PAGES, PRICE: Softcover book, 128 6x9" pages, illustrations, printed on recycled paper, $10

Simplicity / Self-Help / Religion

ISBN 0-914966-12-X

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