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SimpleLivingWorks.org Is Young Adult-Friendly


“Our web site SimpleLivingWorks.org now focuses on social media,” said Gerald Iversen of Simple Living Works! successor to Alternatives.

“We are proactively reaching out to meet the needs of young adults. Our blog, Faces of Simpler Living, briefly profiles the many Simple Livers I’ve met on my travels throughout the US recently. What wonderful folks! They have powerful insights about what’s important in life. I share our struggles and solutions,” Iversen said.

“Our SimpleLivingWorks.org home page offers a wide variety of helps -- seasonal and non-seasonal resources for adults, teens and children, an index to daily guides for seasons (like Advent and Lent), background on holidays and how to celebrate them more simply and more meaningfully, readers’ comments, and videos. The most recent addition is a wide variety of social media -- our blogs, podcasts and Facebook page” he said.

“About Us” contains “What We Are/Do,” News, Links, etc.

Partners contains “Inside Info” and “You’re Making a Difference!” newsletters and news of our initiatives, such as Reaching Out to Young Adults.

Archives contains hundreds of free resources for personal inspiration and for sharing with others through newsletters, etc.

Volunteers contains Opportunities, and Activities to Try offers suggestions to encourage people to be proactive through our Simpler Living Community Network.

Site Map helps readers navigate.

Social Media connects to SLW! various outreach on the internet.

Simple Living Works! neither sells anything nor solicits donations. Hundreds of resources are free of charge -- audio, video, Celebrations (such as Easter); Christmas; Community; Environment; Lifestyle; Study/Action Guides; Calendars; Money; Simple Living; Social Justice (Peace and Justice); Spanish Language; and Spiritual (Faith and Worship).

Contact SimpleLivingWork@yahoo.com or visit SimpleLivingWorks.org

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