Stakeholder Survey Report 2004


Stakeholder Survey 2004 Report


We plan to conduct a survey each year, so you may submit questions for next year's survey. Thanks for caring!

Gerald Iversen, National Coordinator



I. Summary

II. Data

III. Observations and Notes

IV. Conclusions

V. Stakeholders' Comments


I. Summary

Alternatives is committed to be an interactive organization, producing and offering educational resources that meet our mission and that our stakeholders want. A stakeholder is anyone who has a stake in the health of Alternatives -- members, volunteers, customers, board members, staff members and others.

We have about a dozen committees, each one usually has at least one member of the board of directors on it to help relate the work of the committee to the board and vice versa.

An annual Stakeholders Survey is a effective  way to relate to stakeholders in an open way. Phone calls and email between customers and staff are helpful but limited. We read all comments that come to us in print (letters, email, surveys, etc.) and reply as appropriate.

We received a total of 127 responses from 2000 printed surveys and 8000 email subscribers.

The respondents offered many comments on a variety of subjects, including present and future resources and services. The average age of the respondents (who gave their age range) is 52 (51 in 2003, 44.5 in 2002).

To read the full report on line, visit http://SimpleLiving.org/Archives/News/2004SurveyReport.php

II. Data

Response vehicles:

61 (48%) = Paper

14 (11%) = Email replies

52 (41%) = Web site replies


127 [146 in 2003]= Total number of responses.




1. We plan to issue some of the following sayings in five formats (flyer, bumper sticker, bulletin insert, stuffer and label) on ready-to-copy paper masters and on our web site so that you can easily spread the word about issues that concern you.


The SLOGANS I have marked Y are worth using. Those marked N, definitely not.


Reverse ordered by priority of "worth using" [ Y ] - read from end


Yes / No / Blank

23 / 35 / 69 Let's Be SMART Capitalists. Reject Cannibalism of the Earth.

25 / 35 / 67 I use independent - not corporate -  media. 

31 / 26 / 70 Health Alert! Idolizing thin is dangerous.

31 / 28 / 68 We only consider offers & requests received on recycled paper.

31 / 34 / 62 Obesity Alert! Drink real fruit juice, not soda.

31 / 42 / 53 Our time should be used loving people and using stuff -- not the other way around.

39 / 22 / 66 Prevent Water Wars. Conserve Water!

39 / 23 / 65 Simple Living - the Jesus Style-- Is Not Simple.

39 / 25 / 64 Tell the Government. Genetically Modified FOODS need LABELS!

40 / 24 / 63 Let's Love God's Earth!'Start by reusing this envelop.

40 / 30 / 56 Obesity Alert! Play outside - biking, hiking, jumping rope - not video games.

41 / 28 / 57 At Christmas do we follow faith or culture? Let's help the needy, not over-consume.

42 / 25 / 60 Genetically Modified FOODS need LABELS! 

43 / 26 / 58 Game Boy™ or Strong Boy? Have fun outside, not at the mall.

47 / 21 / 59 Save Our Precious Resources. Conserve Water, Soil & Air! Don't Pollute!

48 / 19 / 60 Media Alert! Commercial media exist to sell stuff.

49 / 21 / 57 Simple Living... What Balance Looks Like

49 / 24 / 54 Simple Living is for Lovers... People Lovers & Earth Lovers

49 / 26 / 52 I dream of giving birth to a child who would ask, "Mother, what was war?"

52 / 19 / 56 Simple Living... What Integrity Looks Like

55 / 20 / 52 You can't fool me. I use alternative media.

57 / 19 / 50 Simple Living... What Christianity Really Looks Like

58 / 13 / 56 Simple Living... Let's Walk God's Talk

59 / 17 / 51 This Christmas Let's Share Our Abundance, Not Just Our Excess.

60 / 13 / 54 Let's Have a More-with-Less Christmas!

60 / 15 / 51 Close the Loop! Use recycled products.

60 / 20 / 46 The price of what we buy is much less important than its cost to the Earth.

61 / 16 / 40 Reconnect with the Land. Pull your own weeds. No garden chemicals.

62 / 14 / 51 I'm OK. I don't need to wear commercial logos.

63 / 11 / 53 Give Drink to the Thirsty... Safeguard Water Worldwide.

63 / 12 / 52 Avoid debt at all costs.

67 / 12 / 48 Yes! to Jesus & Joy - No! to Stress & Stuff

67 / 17 / 43 We wish you a low stress, no-debt Christmas!

68 / 14 / 45 Beware of advertising that sells "wants" as "needs."

70 / 11 / 46 Blessed Are Those Who Work for Peace & Justice Without Violence.

70 / 12 / 38 Live Simply.  You'll Love It!

71 / 14 / 42 What Does Jesus Want for Christmas? Tend the Sick, Visit Prisoners, Help Widows and Orphans, Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Preach Good News to the Poor (here and abroad).

75 / 7 / 45 We wish you a joy-filled, simple Christmas.

76 / 12 / 38 Bearing Gifts Does Not Make Us Wise.

80 / 17 / 29 Let's love people and use stuff -- not the other way around.

82 / 9 / 36 Buy Me Nothing... I'll Still Love You.

91 / 5 / 31 Overconsumption is not our Fair Share.

97 / 7 / 23 Simpler, Smaller, Slower and Saner


2. Bumper Sticker Contest Here are my original ideas/slogans: 53 entries [see comments], 74 blank


3. Comments on Alternatives resources (quality, price, presentation), service, etc. 51 comments [see comments], 76 blank


4. Help us name our new mascot for The Earth Dome. We're looking for a name that's usually neither male nor female.

43 - blank

36 - Your suggestions [see comments]

20 - Sunny (solar panels)

11 - Bucky (after Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome. Too much like buckteeth or Bucky the Beaver?)

9 - The Happy Dome

6 - Happy

2 - Domey (too much like Dumby or Homey?)


5a. 15 - I think the "happy dome" is a strong, positive symbol. Use in other ways, such as

27 - on canvas shopping bags

17 - on greeting and post cards

7 - my idea [see comments]


5b. 65 -  I don't think the "happy dome" is strong enough for further development. Keep looking. I'd suggest the symbol - 19 [see comments].


6a. 20 - Yes, reignite the "Consumo" campaign.

20 - Use version A (handsome, the one we've been using).

8 - Use version B (haggard).

5 - The happy dome mascot might become the archrival of Consumo.


6b. 35 - No, "Consumo" is a has been. I'd suggest the symbol - 4 [see comments].


7. I'm in my: [2004 / 2003]

0 / 0 - teens,

6 / 8 - 20's,

12  / 15 - 30's,

34 / 45  -  40's,

30 / 43 - 50's,

22  / 16 - 60's,

9 / 12 - 70's,

3 /1 - 80's,

0 / 0 - 90's

10 / 6 - blank


8. I'm including my name. Send me information about...

4 - remembering Alternatives in my will.

0 - gifting Alternatives appreciated securities.


9. 32 - I'm willing to serve in a focus group by phone.

94 - blank


10. [2004 / 2003]

52 / 71 - Yes, send the $5 gift certificate. (Include name.)

59 / 63 - No thanks.

15 /12 - Blank


88 - Name

68 - Email Address


ZIP begins

0 - 10

1 - 5

2 - 14

3 - 4

4 - 4

5 - 13

6 - 8

7 - 0

8 - 2

9 - 11

III. Observations & Notes

Process and Response


We mailed 2000 copies of the Winter 2005 member/volunteer Update, which included the survey, in December, 2004. Surveys were not sent with orders. The survey was emailed to 8000 e-news subscribers in February, 2005. Reminders appeared in our weekly e-news through March.

We received a total of 127 responses. Using the same incentive -- $5 gift certificate -- we received 146 responses in 2003, 275 responses in 2002 and over 400 responses to our 2000 survey, even though 2000 was a more complicated survey. The 2002 decline might be explained by Sept. 11th., the same reason we also had a down year in sales and service requests. The 2003 further decline might be explained by our change of season for the survey -- summer instead of winter. However, the decline continued in 2004, even though we returned to winter. Possibly folks were focused on the election and distracted by the war. Results of a separate email survey indicated these were the mail reasons (plus low funds) for people who had not purchased anything within 12 months.

We received 48% paper responses (20% in 2003, 29% in 2002); 11% email replies (6% in 2003, 26% in 2002) and 41% web site replies (73% in 2003, 45% in 2002). This indicates that though the total number of responses is slowly falling, the most loyal respondants are our members and volunteers who receive the survey on paper.


127 [146 in 2003]= Total number of responses.


2004 and 2003 average age was calculated by using the median in each range (15, 25, 35, etc.) This is a less accurate but more friendly way of asking for ages than we used in 2002 (exact age).

IV. Conclusions

Question 1

A wide variation of response (positive, negative and none) indicates a wide range of interest and wide diversity of familiarity in the subjects suggested by the slogans.

Question 2

42% suggested a potential bumper sticker (23% in 2003, 15% in 2002).

Question 3

60% did not respond (57% in 2003), probably because the question was open ended, required thought, was not multiple choice. Or because they have not read many Alternatives' resources.

Questions 4-6

There seems to be little enthusiasm for our present or past mascots.

Future Conclusions

From the data we already have, it may be helpful to compare various responses by geography and age. Past surveys have dealt with gender, income, marital status and family. For future surveys we may ask "Why are you interested in Simple Living?"

# # #

V. Comments

(by question #)

(survey number follows each comment)




#1 marked k,n,kk,ll,mm,nn as "great!" 13

#1a too long 128

#1b strike the word 'let's'. 64

#1b too long 128

#1bb delete "No garden chemicals." Insert " plant veggies". 30

#1bb Rephrase. 79

#1bb strike the line "Pull your own weeds." 66

#1d Replace "mother" with "martyr". 9

#1e Don't count the cost. 9

#1e too long 128

#1ee Strike the phrase "Health alert". 79

#1f  Good! 59

#1f Stir up the Christians. 9

#1ff their standards are often lower than those of big media, sadly. 57

#1i Don't add guilt. 9

#1ii  sounds snotty. 57

#1j Replace "stuff" with "too much stuff". 2

#1k Rephrased, I would like it very much. 79

#1k Replace "preach Good News to the poor (here and abroad) with "share Good News with everyone." 2

#1kk add 'or easy' at the end. 46

#1kk delete 'the Jesus style' 124

#1kk strike the word 'the'. 58

#1l No mo than ye can HANDLE! 9

#1ll most don't know Christianity 121

#1m sorta? 9

#1p if for oversize envelopes with labels that can be easily removed (unlike label on this mailing). 57

#1p drop the 'let's'. 62

#1q Producers should be responsible. 121

#1qq Change first line to 'A simple step to follow faith.' 60

#1qq I don't understand this. Does it mean we don't want the needy to overconsume? 110

#1qq superior sounding 57

#1qq victim hood is a choice 121

#1r delete 'Don't Pollute" 24

#1rr delete 'Let's help the needy, not over consume.' 124

#1s Replace "water" with "drunks". 9

#1w  diabetics like me can drink diet soda, but not most juices. 57

#1w still lots of sugar -- drink water! 25

#1x OK, lop off the last phrase 128

#1y SEXIST. 9




#2  Be not Afraid: Choose Peace!  The peaceable Kingdom is in our hands! 66

#2  Conspire against Consumption 42

#2  Do not fear silence/ Do you worship a good or a God?  41

#2  For the beauty of the Earth-live simply. 104

#2  On YOUR second suggestion -- change to simply: Love people-Use stuff. 76

#2  Simple living for a meaningful life. / Simple living with faithful Christ. / Simple living is for superior lovers. 33

#2  simple living putting God/Christ first / At Christmas put your faith to work, not your credit card/ Simple living Jesus style/ Yes to Jesus and Joy, No to stress and debt/ Health alert: idolizing anything is dangerous to your health and mind.  125

#2 "Money DOES grow on trees" 130

#2 "Simplify, simplify, simplify" (Thoreau, right?)  85

#2 "Spending time is a greater gift than spending money" MNygren

#2 A big waist is a big waste (of resources)/ I give at the office, and at home, and at church! 124

#2 A simple step toward a Christ-centered Christmas: Give to those in need, not corporations. 60

#2 Appreciate!  Not depreciate./ Simplicity breeds Joy!/ Enjoy the beauty of simplicity. 128

#2 Be like Jesus. Be radical. 71

#2 Bequeath your children values, not debt./  It takes intelligence to be simple.  Alternatives name, 800# & web site included/  It take intelligence to live simply.  111

#2 Choose the right way -- make God's way your way.  107

#2 Consume less stuff, enjoy enough./ Have you hugged your compost today? 88

#2 Dirt cheap is rich of soil. 2

#2 Enjoy the Simple Life on Earth. 6

#2 Family planning? Think small. Two kids or fewer. 99

#2 Free trade increases poverty. Fair trade is the answer.  or  "Free Trade" is like  "Just War". Fair Trade is the answer.  113

#2 Happiness is less stuff and more friends./ Reality is NOT on TV./ Unplug electronics-play with your friends. 3


#2 Homemade gifts are straight from the heart!/  Tis a Gift to be Simple, Tis a Gift to be Free!/  Live simply and healthy -- Eat at home!/  Who/What do you worship? Your checkbook knows.  114

#2 It's not our world -- it's our Father's. 64

#2 Jesus. Save me from your followers. 86

#2 Keep on, Keeping on with Jesus. 46

#2 Less is more -- Live Simply!/  Living Simply is NOT simple-minded. 87

#2 Life Lover: Live Simply Love Abundantly!/ 'Whosoever' means everyone else too. / For God so loved the world...men (and women) were way done on the list...  19

#2 Live simply and share the Earth's resources! 28

#2 Live well- Live Simply! 8

#2 Live, Learn, Get Simple. Combat emotional emptiness. Get full on Simplicity (or Alternatives). 73

#2 Livin' large may mean Dying Early 38

#2 Money does grow on trees. 69

#2 Now tell me again?  Do I own my car or does it own me?/  Yes, it's air conditioned! Nature's way, through the windows. 102

#2 Only God owns the Earth 130

#2 Overconsumption now means scarcity for future generations (or our grandchildren, etc). / We cannot serve 2 masters: Capitalism is about money and consumer greed, Christianity is about loving people and caring for those in need.  11



#2 Peace: A Word that Works (Join us, there's a job for everyone) 118

#2 Simple is Sweet! or Sweet & Simple! 24

#2 Simple living is for savoring/ Reduce Complexity: Simplify!/ Slow down to enjoy life! 21

#2 Simple living relieves stress, debt- & improves our environment by being mindful of what we do. 68

#2 Simplicity... a true gift. 98

#2 Simply doesn't mean simple./  Live, Love, Let God Lead/ Look Up! Look Down!  Look all around. God is there!/  Don't cause any to fall; God loves us all. 123

#2 Simply living = Peace 17

#2 Spend less. Save more. Give more./  Simplify your life. It's worth it./  Simplify your life./  Live below your means./  NAPALM  high interest debt!/  Credit cards are like keeping a rattlesnake for a pet. They're OK as long as you keep them in their cage.  20

#2 What does your money cost you? 132

#2 What to give? Time together/ What to give? Love/ What to give? Ask God/ What to give? A healthy world/ What to give? Yourself/ How to give? With joy/ How to give? Simply/ How to give? Wisely/ How to give? What to give? God knows  15

#2 Where would Jesus shop?  Reuse, visit your local thrift shop. 96

#2 Wouldn't it be nice if your kid wanted to spend as much time with you as his video game? He's learned from you. 4

#2 You are what you eat; read the label./  God bless America (and the other 190* nations of the world.)  *based on UN membership. 97

#2 You can't use war to make peace./  Children are our most valuable resource.  35

#2 Your television is lying to you. 106




#3  Bucky is a great name: it helps us learn to buck consumerism by saving our bucks for making time with our families.  Unfortunately, the Bucky you have here looks like a knit cap and reminds me of a character on Fat Albert -- only not as cool. 4

#3  Excellent! Always. 82

#3  Great. Good selection of stuff.  Catalog could be a little clearer and more neatly organized. Would be nice to add more resources for teens, particularly video resources with study guides.  There's lots of good stuff out there for adults and kids; not so much for teens. 106

#3  Have only used one item.  Would like to explore more, but am new to the site. 73

#3  Quality is excellent as is presentation and service.  Due to budget constraints, I have to be careful about the items I order.  I haven't found prices to be off the wall. 119

#3  Resources are easy to use, prices are reasonable 34

#3  The proposed bumper sticker needs to say ENVELOPE  not ENVELOP. 36

#3  Your mailings need a more readable layout 41

#3 Always good. 66

#3 Be careful not to become one of the "sellers". 22

#3 check envelop vs. envelope- I think 1st is verb.  You may want to also consider Jesus & Joy vs. Stuff & Stress, instead of Stress & Stuff... 19

#3 Could not make it work to reply online. 132

#3 Doing a good job on all fronts. 124

#3 Fair trader. 46

#3 Fine so far. 6

#3 Good quality, some rather pricey, not affordable for groups. 1

#3 Great selection. I like the format of the catalogue and the fact that it uses a minimum of paper. 115

#3 Great! Thank you! Your efforts are truly appreciated!! 65

#3 great. 62

#3 Great. 87

#3 I am glad you are here! 17

#3 I enjoy your web site a lot. I sometimes think that the descriptions of books could be a little more objective. 38

#3 I like your ideas. I am not sure all of the above slogans will work with all 5 formats.  Some are too long. Bumper stickers work better when short and snappy.  Bulletins can take longer slogans. Etc. 52

#3 I like your messages at

Christmas, but in my opinion your artwork is too cartoony to send to too many people.  Wish you had some plainer or more natural or inspirational artwork to choose from. 113

#3 I love this website.  It keeps me honed in on my goal of thinking about sustainability and making informed consumer choices.  Thanks for the inspiration and resources!  28

#3 I really appreciate the resource catalog with the books./ All interesting, challenging.  I especially  like the book catalogs and the Simply 60 e-mail.  Some of the presentations are too "preachy" for me.  I usually agree with the messages but they are hard to live and hard to communicate to others (even and especially within the family system) without sounding "holier than thou".  Focus on the positive, creative practical and the constructive works better for me than negative criticism of the culture as is.  Because we are all so compromised by our dependence on some basic elements of our culture (ease of access of public utilities such as water, electricity, gas, oil, food, clothes, transportation), and because we take for granted the comparative abundance of our country's resources, it is only by small steps of constructive disengagement from that dependence that we can distance ourselves and find alternatives.  That is what you are doing most of the time for me but sometimes the message is overwhelming! Too much to digest. 14

#3 I still find the website daunting -- improving it could greatly improve results. 15

#3 I suggest using the postal system rather than USP"for shipping. 108

#3 I would love to use return address labels made on recycled paper, with an Alternatives slogan. 8

#3 Items ordered are shipped very quickly.  I especially  love "Whose Birthday is it, Anyway?" and the Christmas and Lenten  calendars. 35

#3 I've always liked Alternatives materials. I am liking presentations better than I once did. The price is fair and the service is good. 123

#3 I've left a lot blank.  I don't think slogans that make people feel defensive are helpful.  Also, symbols, etc. on products is more media stuff. Nix! 56

#3 Keep cultivating resources that help us dig deep. 54

#3 Keep up the good work! 104

#3 Keep up the great work! 24

#3 Love 'em! 71

#3 OK. 61

#3 On the survey, most of my no's were because the slogan was too wordy, not due to content of the message. 97

#3 Outstanding prices.  Haven't looked at my materials yet. 42

#3 Please remember that "people of faith" aren't necessarily Christian. 95

#3 Really  enjoyed the copy-able 2004 Lenten devotions and will be using them

again this year.  31

#3 Reword number 1 to Our time should be spent loving people and using stuff -- not the other way around.  That will eliminate have the word twice in the sentence.  Now I'd vote yes if reworded.  I love your resources.  THANK YOU!! 96

#3 Sending out a sample of your Christmas thing to everyone might increase purchasing in the long run.  I'm afraid to buy it because it might be cheesy. 20

#3 sometimes overwhelming -- might be better to focus on a few resources rather than a whole catalog. 64

#3 Thank you! 67

#3 Thanks for what you do!  Its not an easy message, but its crucial. 7

#3 Thanks.  I enjoy your updates.  I think the Simply 60 is a good idea, may need a more 'attractive format' and might be a better time use sent only monthly.  (I'm trying to discipline my email reading time.) 118

#3 the one's not marked are okay, just not my favorites. 84

#3 tremendous offering of products not together in any other catalog. Use a little more white space, though, in the catalog presentation. Seems a little crowded. Thanks for using newsprint rather than glossy paper; don't ever change, please! 88

#3 very good! 9

#3 very good. 45

#3 wonderful! 114

#3 Wonderful, keep the mission of Alternatives growing, if our slogans/stickers/posters lose this we just sound like another enviro/recycle/against this and that group.  It is by faith that we choose to live this way and once chosen, it is what sustains us in this isolated world. 125




#4  could he/she have more of a "face" and personality? This one is lacking. 25

#4  Geody? Earthy? Uni (one world) ? What does it look like? What will it be used for? 114

#4  I'm not sure but none of these grab me. 98

#4  It looks afraid. Bucky could be associated with money.  Happy, Sunny and Happy Dome are too cheesy. 41

#4  Seems

like you need clarity on what you want the mascot to symbolize.  The Earth Dome connects to care for the earth/environmental but I'm not sure about simplicity message.  "Lert" the Happy Dome -- he's a-lert to need for simplicity, dangers of overconsumption, etc.  81

#4  Too much like advertising in the already over-marketed culture.  Why do you need a mascot? 22

#4  Worldly or O.K. World 124

#4 CanXist-there's no place like Dome. 19

#4 Dome-inique, DOMEinic, Sonnyseeker, Sunnyseeker. 80

#4 Domenique 27

#4 Earth Dome -- good name.  The Happy Dome sounds a bit fluffy.  Earthy?  Looks a little silly and a little commercial.  You want a little more serious symbol. 108

#4 Earthy 132

#4 FERN (From Earth's Resources Naturally) 71

#4 Geo (geodesic dome?) 115

#4 Geo. 46

#4 Geodesie 87

#4 happy is too cute. Do an letter for each word i.e. EFOS "Earth Friendly Office Space"-not this but something along these lines or OEFH "our earth friendly home", HESD "happy Earth Saver Dome", play with HESED somehow -- obviously none of these are best, but this idea. 62

#4 I don't know what this is to suggest a name, but sometimes it helps to tie the name to the purpose and "Earth Dome" is very appropriate on its own. 120

#4 Merry Mary, Earthmary. 9

#4 Mickey, Alex, Dana, *Cameron, Pat, Jan, Chris, Terri, Sam, Sidney. 45

#4 Mother Dome 102

#4 Radical and Rambunctious! 16

#4 River; consider something relating to soil and its cultivation, go back to cradle of civilization. 2

#4 Shalom Dome -- simplicity home 24

#4 Simple Dome 127

#4 Simple Solar Dome. 11

#4 Simpledome. 50

#4 Simplee 31

#4 Simply Buckdome 123

#4 skip the mascot 126

#4 Terra Firma. 73

#4 Terry Firma 106

#4 The circle dome, as living simply completes the circle because its all inclusive to the issues we're discussing: conserving/sharing our abundance without overconsuming/ parenting / nurturing and caring for others and the earth/seeking justice and nonviolence/community/sowing  and harvesting/of course recycling. 125

#4 The Earth Dome has no meaning for me. What are you referring to. It needs an explanation  (i.e. Healthy Earth). I don't like DOME. 1

#4 The Nonconsumerist (take off on the nonconformist) 88

#4 Topper. 107

#5a  not sure people earth-un-conscious will understand, use name w/ logo. 76

#5a  Sorry, I think its corny and confusing. Maybe the designers at eklektosdesign.com would be willing to help.  Their mission statement compliments your mission.  Tell them Joel Rude sent you. 41

#5a book covers, pens, pencils, mugs, refrigerator magnets, bag clips 123

#5a eye-catching logo on all Alternative products 88

#5a I do not think the symbol communicates well. 6

#5a If it can be reworked to look more happy and less startled-just change the eyes and maybe it won't look so alarmed. 85

#5a stickers. 46

#5b a bee or an ant -- for their amazing stewardship of energy; no waste 88

#5b a pine tree 21

#5b a symbol from nature. Why use a human-made symbol i.e. a symbol of God's creation rather than our manufacture. 27

#5b a symbol that is less "busy" 29

#5b happy Earth. 5

#5b I don't know but dome is too "cute". 58

#5b I think it is an ok symbol. Not great. Keep looking. 124

#5b I'm not sure if you're already using "happy dome" but if not, I'd suggest keeping Earth Dome.  It is a strong name with positive associations, whereas "happy" is a bit more light-weight.  Same goes for the mascot-just having one lends a goofy side to your noble work. (again, sorry, but I don't know what's still in the idea phase and what you're already making use of). 126

#5b I'm not wild about the legs being apart. 19

#5b more planet focused. 6

#5b Please, don't use this (the Happy Dome).  Talk to anyone in KY about the negative reaction to the smiley face on our license plates.) 110

#5b Skip the mascot, celebrate nature with a flower, a dove or the globe 118

#5b something from nature. 90

#5b something more anti-overconsumption. 50

#5b something more earth friendly, grabbing. 62

#5b something simpler! A symbol. 4

#5b sun rising or just the sun 14

#5b The dome without eyes, arms and legs. 71

#5b You can get mine. Its money instead of leaves on a tree. 69

#6 Consumo does not resonate with me, but I would not call this stupid or has been.  Either version is fine. 2

#6 No opinion. 10

#6 Sorry, I don't have great mascot ideas. 12

#6a  There is research showing an increase in distorted body image in boys.  Part of it is due to puffed up/buffed action figures.(compare old GI Joe and Ken dolls to today's models)  Our culture has messed up girls and women with unrealistic models, please don't contribute to doing the same thing to boys and men.  I urge you to seriously look at this. Please. 80

#6b  Consumption is powerful but we don't want to focus on the positive side of consumption.  Too much sexual overtones in both images.  42

#6b  Eco-logical. 69

#6b a wizened, decaying dollar. 4

#6b I couldn't see the image on my computer. It was off the edge with no scroll bar option. 96

#6b I don't have an opinion 38

#6b I'd suggest the symbol GEO. 46

#6b Tired of superman image! Bag lady, rebel, Earthmary. 9

#6b Why is Consumo male? Can marketing to women be addressed as effectively with the current Consumo? 118


#10 Donate [the certificate] to someone in need who would like one of your resources. 11

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