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Welcome to Alternatives' audio/video Archives -- a treasure trove of material for personal enlightenment and group growth. Most are timeless. Dates are for reference only.

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A Vision of Simpler Living = Three videos: The Celebration Revolution of Alexander Scrooge, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and Break Forth into Joy!

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    Simply Enough: Straight Talk from Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne on Simple, Just Living

    DETAILS - bonus segments, photos, endorsements, discussion helps, promotion items! Tony-and-Shane-Eastern-271x300

    Tony and Shane's DVD Project - Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne and Gerald Iversen


    Simple Living Struggles & Solutions original. Medium resolution VIDEO. (QuickTimePlayer 7.0 or above) (Also, See Video Scripts below.) See the free UPDATED video here entitled Simple Living Works! (on YouTube).

    Break Forth Into Joy: Beyond a Consumer Lifestyle - See YouTube above (complete) | See Video Scripts below | Podcast Series, Episodes 4-5


    Celebration Revolution of Alexander Scrooge VIDEO | Podcast Series, Episode 11

    Carols with Justice SING-ALONG VIDEO. Click the second line below. Click Archives at top to see TEXT version.

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas VIDEO | Podcast Series, Episode 7

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  • 2003 A Dome Odyssey VIDEO (excerpt) - Moving the Earth Dome to Sergeant Bluff.

    A/V Stories about Alternatives by Others: ABC News, Grace Matters, YERT, CONTACT, WUSB
  • Video Scripts and Leaders' Guides


    Media Release

    Enjoy and Share the following programs and selections from the AUDIO collections!

    Podcasts | Media Release

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    Living Simply and Loving It! | Similar TEXT Version | Gerald Iversen | Podcast episodes 44-45

    Let Jesus Come, Let Santa Go! Workshop

    Let's Get Off the Christmas Roller Coaster (8:43) | Script | Podcast, episode 8

    Sing Justice! Do Justice! New Hymn & Song Texts to Familiar & New Tunes (index + selections) | Source | Media Release | AUDIO: Hope Is a Candle (Advent candle lighting hymn) | O Baby Born in Bethlehem | God of Justice Everflowing (Advent hymn)

    Stories and Songs of Simple Living (index + selections)

    Unplug the Christmas Machine Workshop.
    Click Archives at top to see TEXT version.

    What Does JESUS Want for Christmas? pageant
    Click Archives at top to see TEXT version. | Podcast Series, Episodes 6-11 | Carols with Justice


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