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Although an international organization, Alternatives also serves its region, called Siouxland, an area north of Omaha, Nebraska, and south of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We publish an occasional newsletter of Social Justice activities called "Living More Simply That Others May Simply Live."

Siouxland newsletter

Living More Simply... That Others May Simply Live.

A Newsletter for People of Faith Focusing on Social Ministry in Siouxland

Issue #12 - September, 2000

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for Fall


International Gift Festival...  Gifts that show you care

Handcrafted by Third World artisans around the globe. Help complete the circle of fair trade!

By selling their handicrafts, Ten Thousand Villages helps craftspeople provide food and education for their families and helps threatened villages survive. Ten Thousand Villages provides vital, fair incomes to Third World people by selling their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America.

Oct. 22 - Sunday, noon-2 p.m., Adams Room, Morningside College Commons (lower level, during Interfaith Resources International Food Festival)

Nov. 11-12 - Saturday, noon-7 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m.-1 p.m., Grace United Methodist Church, 1735 Morningside Ave., Sioux City.

Nov. 18-19 - Saturday, noon-7 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m.-1 p.m., First Lutheran Church, 3939 Cheyenne Blvd., Sioux City.

For information, call 712/943-6153.


SPECIAL EVENT: Farewell for Diane Hockenberry, Alternatives' board member representing the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Louisville, KY, after over ten years of service. Monday, Oct. 23, 7-8 p.m. at Alternatives Corner Store, 109 Gaul Dr. * P.O. Box 340 * Sergeant Bluff, Iowa 51054


Need a Speaker, Workshop Leader?

We help meet the real hunger for simpler living and celebrating (especially at Christmas) by speaking about the Christian discipleship of "living more with less."

Contact Alternatives' nationwide volunteers network for workshop leaders and displays for your upcoming gatherings, possibly a speaker for general assembly, a workshop at a women's conference, a talk for a social justice meeting.... Beyond expenses, there is no set cost. We welcome support of our ministry.

We can help organize an alternative fall festival. Or contact Alternative Gift Markets at altgifts@sisp.net or 800/842-2243. Visit www.altgifts.org.


Alternatives Is Open Saturdays During the Fall

Alternatives for Simple Living is open Saturdays, 10-2, September 9th-December 16th. Stop by at 109 Gaul Dr. * P.O. Box 340 * Sergeant Bluff, Iowa 51054. We're open other times by appointment - call 712/943-6153, 8-5, Mon-Fri.




Paper? Plastic? Neither! Get String and Canvas Shopping Bags at Alternatives' Corner Store and Reading Room, Monday-Friday, 9-4:30, 109 Gaul Dr. * P.O. Box 340 * Sergeant Bluff, Iowa 51054. Also Saturdays, 10-2 (Sept. 9-Dec. 16). This faith-based, non-profit organization offers books for all ages & magazines on Simplicity & Global Justice, also Third World crosses & creches, Fair Exchange coffee and tea, and other items. For more information or a free catalog about simpler living, call 712-943-6153 or 800-821-6153 anytime.


REMINDER: Sioux City CROP Walk, Sun., Oct. 15, Grace UMC.


Did You Know?

Your group - Sunday School class, book circle, etc. - is welcome to have a meeting or tour at Alternatives Corner Store & Reading Room any day. Call 712-943-6153 for an appointment.


Pastors, Teachers, Parents, Alternatives' Library Is for You!

Our library can make your life easier.

  1. Study guides for classes and groups
  2. Books for children's sermons
  3. Resources for youth
  4. Hard-to-find magazines for inspiration
  5. Seasonal resources for Christmas, etc.


Visit Alternatives' Store.

Alternatives for Simple Living's store in Sioux City at 109 Gaul Dr. * P.O. Box 340 * Sergeant Bluff, Iowa 51054 is open weekdays 9-4:30, and by appointment.

Alternatives is both a book store and a reading room. The library contains some 2000 titles on Simpler Living and related topics.

Alternatives is an international, nonprofit group that "equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly." Its most widely read resource is the family-oriented Advent booklet "Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?"

Alternatives provides resources for children and adults. Alternatives sells its own materials and books, videos, games and other items from other publishers on simpler living and related topics, such as hunger, the environment, media literacy, etc. Resources focus on Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, weddings and all year use. Some resources come in Spanish.

Alternatives promotes Fair Trade through crosses, creches, coffee and tea from Developing Countries. For a current free catalog, call 712/943-6153 or toll free 800/821-6153 anytime. Or visit www.SimpleLiving.org.

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