Wedding Timeline/Checklist

Wedding Timeline/Checklist

The following worksheet is also available as PDF file - Wedding Checklist

The following checklist will help you as you plan your wedding celebration. Remember, however, that these are only suggested guidelines. While this timeline proposes beginning your planning as much as 4-6 months ahead of time, many beautiful weddings have been planned in less time.

Read through the guidelines and check "To Do" next to those that are relevant to your celebration. Later, check the "Done" column when the items are completed.

As Soon As Possible

To Do Done  
____ ____ Decide on type of wedding and reception you will have..
____ ____ Develop a wedding budget. Talk about how expenses will be paid.
____ ____ Choose an officiant and location. Meet with the officiant to discuss ceremony requirements and pre-wedding counseling needs.
____ ____ Set a wedding date and reserve wedding locations (church and reception).
____ ____ Meet with ceremony musicians. Ask for guidelines and suggestions.
____ ____  
____ ____ Begin to create your own ceremony. Talk with your partner and families about various aspects and traditions.
____ ____ Choose music for the ceremony (opening music, processional, recessional, songs and hymns).
____ ____ Discuss and choose Scripture readings and other special readings.
____ ____ Begin to write your vows, etc.
____ ____ Plan ceremony format and discuss with officiant.
____ ____ Choose attendants if you wish to have any.
____ ____ Choose wedding attire.
____ ____ Choose rings or other symbols.
____ ____ Begin making a guest list.
____ ____ Plan reception entertainment. Choose musicians, if needed.
____ ____ Decide on decorations. Visit florists or others who will help with decorations.
____ ____ Choose food coordinator(s) and discuss menu options.
____ ____ Choose a photographer, if needed.
____ ____ Plan pre-wedding gatherings. Introduce your families if they do not already know one another.
____ ____  
____ ____  
____ ____  


Three Months Before

To Do Done  
____ ____ Talk about what kinds of gifts might be appropriate. Do you want to make gift suggestions to guests? How?
____ ____ Register at a store and/or choose a social justice organization(s) to receive gifts
____ ____ Design invitations.
____ ____ Order flowers, banner, balloons, etc.
____ ____ Finalize guest list.
____ ____ Participate in pre-wedding counseling.
____ ____ Visit doctor for complete medical examinations, including blood tests.
____ ____  
____ ____  
____ ____  


Two Months Before

To Do Done  
____ ____ Address and mail invitations.
____ ____ Confirm dates and arrangements with officiant, food coordinator(s), musicians, etc.
____ ____ Meet with officiant about final ceremony plans and contents. Make sure that any requirements are included.
____ ____ Make arrangements for rehearsal and dinner, if needed.
____ ____ Plan lodging and transportation for out-of-town guests.
____ ____ Decide on honeymoon plans and make reservations, if needed.
____ ____ Decide where you will live after the wedding.
____ ____  
____ ____  


One Month Before

To Do Done  
____ ____ Apply for marriage license.
____ ____ If you plan to change your name(s), do so on credit cards, drivers' licenses, social security cards, bank accounts, etc.
____ ____ Make sure wedding attire fits properly.
____ ____ Get any accessories needed for attire.
____ ____ Choose gifts for attendants and partner, if desired.
____ ____  
____ ____  


Two Weeks Before

To Do Done  
____ ____ Check with officiant about final ceremony details.
____ ____ Choose or borrow unity candles, if needed.
____ ____ Send notes to ceremony participants about rehearsal time and date. Include dinner invitation, if needed.
____ ____ Design and prepare wedding bulletins, if needed.
____ ____ Count R.S.V.P.s and give food coordinator a final number.
____ ____ Make seating charts if you are planning a sit-down dinner.
____ ____ Send wedding announcement to newspapers, if desired.
____ ____ Send thank-you notes for all gifts received so far.
____ ____  
____ ____  


One Week Before

To Do Done  
____ ____ Have a final consultation with the officiant and wedding service providers or friends, including those who will be providing music, decorations, food, and photographs.
____ ____ Begin packing for honeymoon, if necessary.
____ ____  
____ ____  


The Day Before

To Do Done  
____ ____ Wash and clean cars.
____ ____ Attend the rehearsal, if needed.
____ ____ Place fees/gifts for officiant, musicians, and others in sealed envelopes and choose a person to distribute them on the wedding day.
____ ____ Pack an emergency bag - tissues, aspirin, needle, thread, safety pins, pantyhose, etc.
____ ____ Relax!
____ ____  
____ ____  

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