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A Special Holiday Letter

For years I have been moving from the shopping and shipping to the "buy less" and share the joys of the many blessings of the season: participating in the Love, INC. Create-a-Gift Bazaar, singing carols, and getting together with dear ones close by.  Sending and receiving Christmas cards and letters have become increasingly important as the years go by. I write to people I think of so very often, special people like you.

Fairbanks annually as a two day bazaar (bazaars are a big deal here). People buy tickets to come MAKE as many gifts as time allows. Low income families can get tickets for free in advance from Love, INC. (Love in the Name of Christ). Volunteers who help at the craft tables treat everyone equally. Materials are donated by local businesses and service organizations.  It's a wonderful bazaar that I liken to "God's gift workshop" - and I get to be one of the helpers.  The bazaar, organized by dedicated volunteers, is a fund-raiser for Love, INC., an organization that coordinates help to the needy through local churches in the community. Love, INC. is a great way to share God's love by serving others!

Rather than complaining about problems and the injustices of the world, I believe in "I will do what is needed" rather than "we/they should ____." Responsibility for change starts with the individual. Improvements are measured one person at a time. 

I enjoy the influence Alternatives has made on my life and enjoy reading the materials I have received. Alternatives has helped me to be at peace with our simple lifestyle.

I find great joy in having learned to let go of ownership to earthly possessions and delight in the gifts with which God has so abundantly blessed us: family, friends, nature, etc.

There is joy in anticipating the holiday season.  Around here we are busy sewing and making special treats in the kitchen.  Dick got plenty of cranberries to make his yummy cranberry marmalade and cranberry-nut bread.

  --Leslye Korvola, Fairbanks, AK

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