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Page numbers refer to the “Whose Birthday?” 2006 booklet.


1. What Happened to Christmas? (p.4)
2. Why a Simpler Christmas? (p.4)
3. Let Us Have a Truly Christ-like Christmas (p.5)
4. Weekly Family Time: How to Use These Reflections & Activities (p.5)
5. Top 10 Uses of Whose Birthday?– More Exciting, Helpful Ways to Use Whose Birthday? – Going Beyond Whose Birthday? (p.2, or p.17 in some versions)
*6. Hope Is a Candle (Advent candle lighting hymn)

INSPIRING REFLECTIONS (with discussion questions)

7. The Spirit of St. Nicholas (p.6) - David Holden
8. My Hand-Make Advent Wreath (p.7) - Amy Frykholm
9. I Am a Recovering Christmas Hater (p.8) - Jessica Stevens
10. Strangers Invited in for Christmas (p.9) - Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat for Humanity and Founder and President of The Fuller Center for Housing
11. A Christmas Cow (p.10) - Walter Wink
12. Putting Christ in Christmas (p.11) - John Hagberg
13. Christmas Dinner (p.12) - Jamie Norwich-McLennan
14. “Posada sin Fronteras” (Shelter out Borders) (p.13) - Ched Myers
*15. God of Justice Everflowing (Advent hymn)


16. There’s a Camel in our Bathroom! (p.14) - Nancy Christenson
17. Giving Circles (p.15) - Meg Cox.
18. Gifts of Kindness (p.18) - Becky White
19. Reducing Christmas Chaos (p.19) - Ann Dieleman
20. Enough, Already! (p.19) Mary Sharon Moore
21. Christmas Year-round (p.20) - Gail McDonough
22. Discover NO COST Gifts! (p.21) - Richard L. Haid
23. New Cards from Old (p.22) - Gretchen Denton
24. Peace in Any Language (p.23) - Jerry Wrenn
25. St. Nicholas on Parade (p.24) - Rev. Celine A. Burke
26. New Christmas Traditions You Can Share (p.24) - Karen Boe
*27. O Baby Born in Bethlehem (Christmas hymn)
28. About Alternatives (pp. 3 & 25)

* from Sing Justice! Do Justice! collection - Diana Wooley, vocalist; Richard Steinbach, piano

Read BONUS Items at Whose Birthday? #19. They are not recorded nor included in the booklet.

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