Two New Audio CDs Focus on Meaning of Christmas



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Two New Audio CDs Focus on Meaning of Christmas

"What Does JESUS Want for Christmas?" and "Christmas Trilogy"  released on audio by Alternatives for Simple Living.

"What Does JESUS Want for Christmas? is a non-traditional pageant based on "Carols with Justice."  The 55 minute CD includes the 15 carols from the collection and the scenes from the pageant blended into an inspiring program. The carols and pageant are free of charge in text and audio at SimpleLivingWorks.org >> archives.

The scenes are: "What Does Jesus Really Want for His Birthday?" "Thoughts While Not Listening to the Christmas Story," "The Story of Jason: Whose Brithday Is it, Anyway?" and "Ten Tips for Simpler, More Meaningful Christmas."

Christmas Trilogy

"Christmas Trilogy" - three short audio programs about simplifying Christmas - brings together classic and new plays on one CD.

"The Celebration Revolution of Alexander Scrooge" is a modern "Christmas Carol" (with apologies to Charles Dickens).

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" gives both in inspiration for simplifying and practical ways to do it.

"Let's Get Off the Christmas Roller Coaster" is a new play inspired by the classic book "Unplug the Christmas Machine."

On the 65 minute CD, the first two programs are wonderful, vintage recordings whose message is as relevant as ever. Discussion questions follow each presentation at SImpleLivingWorks.org >> Archives.

Alternatives' Audio Series

These are part of Alternatives' Audio Series, which also includes "Carols with Justice," "Living Simply and Loving It!" "Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?" "'UNPLUG the Christmas Machine' Workshop-on-a-CD" and "Let Jesus Come, Let Santa Go."

Because of copyright "Sing Justice! Do Justice!" and "Stories and Songs of Simpler Living" are only available on CD.

"These audio programs are an inspiring way to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Listen by yourself or with a group or in your car," said Gerald Iversen, Alternatives' National Coordinator. "Or send a gentle message by sharing the CD with friends and relatives."

For over 20 years, Alternatives has provided people with ideas to celebrate responsibly in the annual Advent-Christmas family magazine "Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?" It is Alternatives' most widely read resource. Over two-and-a-half million copies have been distributed. It is also available on audio CD, CD-ROM and free on-line at SimpleLivingWorks.org >> archives.

The 2004 edition features Esther Armstrong and Dale Stitt, founders of Journey into Freedom. Designed for individuals, families and small groups, the resource includes biblical reflections, worshipful ceremonies, activities, an Advent calendar and suggestions for remembering the needy. All can be read quietly or aloud.

Also available is a version in Spanish entitled "Adviento."

Articles present meaningful Christmas alternatives and worship aids. The booklet's calendar - "Gentle, Faithful Steps Toward a Simpler Christmas"-- offers thoughts and actions for each day in Advent and the twelve days of Christmas. The calendar may be copied without royalty as bulletin inserts and as a guided journal.

To read all editions of "Whose Birthday," visit

SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Archives

The popular "Ten Tips for a Simpler, More Meaningful Christmas" is available on-line at

SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Archives.

Contact SimpleLivingWoks@yahoo.com. Visit SimpleLivingWorks.org.


EDITORS: For more information and interviews, contact Gerald Iversen at Alternatives successor SimpleLivingWorks.org. * If you would like to REPRINT any of "Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?"  do so under a Creative Commons attribution not-for-profit license.

NOTE: For a wealth of Alternatives' material, visit SimpleLivingWorks.org. Click on "News" and "Archives/Featured Articles."


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