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Tell about a Christmas surprise.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition from your childhood?

You can invite one person from history to your Christmas gathering. Who will it be?

Let's Play The Christmas Game

The Alternative Christmas Game offers a fun way for children and adults to share their holiday memories, expectations and hopes. It offers a forum for people to begin thinking about their celebration of Christmas, as well as a way to learn from one another. The game deals with many of the traditional alternative Christmas themes, such as gift-giving and commercialization. Playing the game encourages further thought and discussion on what gives the season meaning among family members and others.

Play The Christmas Game anywhere: at home, at church, while traveling, while visiting friends or relatives. This compact booklet can be kept in a purse, car glove compartment, coat pocket. It fits in most standard size letter envelopes. It can be easily shared with friends and relatives in cards or letters, or given as a gift at Sunday School, church, reunions, parties, meetings.

The two editions of this non-competitive game is designed to help people talk to each other in a fun and meaningful way. A great alternative to TV! It's available free of charge at SimpleLivingWorks! >> Archives >> Whose Birthday? #10 and #11.

Simple Living Works! is an all volunteer organization that equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly, and celebrate responsibly. It provides free resources in print, audio and video on simple living and related topics, both for Christmas and for year-round use. Other Christmas titles include the video Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Simplify & Celebrate: Embracing the Soul of Christmas, collections of Christmas stories and numerous titles for children. Our most widely-read resource is the annual Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?

For a list of many free resources, visit SimpleLivingWorks.org >> Archives. For more information e-mail SimpleLivingWorks@yahoo.com. #####

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