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Christmas Game

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Seat all the players in a circle facing each other. Appoint one person as "reader" who holds the game. Choose someone to go first -- youngest, oldest, person with the birthday closest to the day's date, etc. That player chooses a number between 1 and 50. The reader reads aloud the appropriate topic. The player responds. If a player chooses not to respond to that number, s/he chooses a number between 1 and 15. The reader reads the corresponding topic from "The Alternative List." The reader checks off each number as it's read to avoid duplication, until all have been read. Play continues in a clockwise direction. Set a certain time to play or play 'til the sun comes up!

More Variety

After a player responds, another player may choose to respond briefly to the same topic or the first player's comments. If so, the second player forfeits a turn.

The Christmas Game continues in Whose Birthday? #11.

1. Describe a time during a past holiday season when you felt at peace.


2. Recall a gift you gave that brought both you and the recipient much pleasure.


3. Describe the typical things you found in your Christmas stocking while growing up.


4. Tell a story of when you traveled during the holidays.


5. What is your favorite Christmas tradition from childhood?


6. Describe an aroma from your childhood Christmas.


7. Tell a story from your childhood about a Christmas tree.


8. Share your most embarrassing Christmas memory.


9. Christmas trees are thought to have originated in Germany. Tell a story from your past about a Christmas tree.


10. Did you ever participate in a school or church Christmas event? Tell about it.


11. Tell about a Christmas surprise.


12. Tell of a funny Christmas incident that happened to you or someone you know.


13. If you could ask your great-great grandmother about her celebration of Christmas, what would you want to know?


14. What do you consider your all-time favorite Christmas present?


15. Tell a Christmas story about a pet.


16. Think back to last year. What happened after Christmas dinner?


17. You get magically transported back in time to the very first Christmas. What do you do first?


18. You can re-experience any past Christmas. What year do you choose? Why?


19. You are asked to give a report on "How I spent my Christmas last year." What do you say?


20. According to the Gospels, the three kings brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Name any three gifts you received last Christmas.


21. Did you ever make a Christmas ornament? Tell about it.


22. It is thought that the first Christmas card appeared in 1845. Soon thereafter, people who found themselves too busy to write Christmas letters began sending Christmas cards to friends and acquaintances. How many Christmas cards did you send last year? Have you ever sent letters at Christmas?


23. Have you ever celebrated Christmas while in a different country? Tell about the experience.


24. Tell a story about Christmas caroling.


25. What one thing or activity did you dislike about last year's celebration? Imagine aloud what the season would be like if that activity was not a part of your celebration.


26. Tell of a past Christmas party that you especially enjoyed.


27. Finish the sentence, "Christmas is a time to . . . ."


28. What are three words that best describe your feelings about Christmas?


29. If you received $100 unexpectedly two days before Christmas, what would you do with the money?


30. What non-material gift do you want?


31. If you had plenty of free time, what Christmas gifts would you make?


32. What one person would you like to invite to your Christmas gathering?


33. How do you determine how much you will spend at Christmas?


34. What is your favorite Christmas food?


35. What role does your worship community play in your celebration of Christmas?


36. If you could give away one thousand dollars during the season, who would you give it to?


37. Finish the sentence, "It wouldn't be Christmas without . . . ."


38. What is your favorite holiday story? Briefly tell the story line.


39. What is your favorite seasonal film? What message does it give?


40. Do advertisements affect the way you think about Christmas giving? How?


41. Are there gifts more suitable than others to Christmas giving? What is an appropriate gift? What is an inappropriate gift?


42. Name one skill or talent you could share with someone at Christmas.


43. When will you begin your Christmas shopping? When will you finish?


44. Some people give to the needy at Christmas as a way of sharing the joy of the season. Have you ever shared time, talent or money with those in need at Christmas? If yes, tell about the experience.


45. It's a week before Christmas and you haven't bought any gifts. What do you do?


46. You can play the lead in any Christmas play. Who will you be?


47. What one thing about Christmas "cannot change"?


48. You are snowed in on Christmas Eve. What will you do?


49. You have to work on December 25th. How will you celebrate Christmas?


50. You can invite one person from history to your Christmas gathering. Who will it be?

The Alternative List

1. Lead the group in a rendition of your favorite Christmas carol.


2. Say a prayer for peace at Christmas.


3. Tell about an interesting Christmas custom from another country or ethnic group.


4. Tell the story of the first Christmas.


5. Tell what you know about St. Nicholas.


6. Hug the person on your right.


7. Without using any words, imitate one of the characters present during the first Christmas. See if others can guess who or what you are.


8. Tell the person directly across the table how s/he is a gift to you.


9. Trade seats with another player.


10. Choose another number and ask another player to respond.


11. Kwanzaa is celebrated by many African Americans from December 26 to January 1. During this time, people remember their ancestors and celebrate the values that hold their communities together. Do you know anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa?


12. What does "peace and goodwill to all" mean to you?


13. Why do you celebrate Christmas?


14. You get to choose Christmas colors - anything but red and green. Which two colors do you choose?


15. Can you say "Merry Christmas" in another language? If not, ask someone else in the group.


The Christmas Game - QUESTIONNAIRE

Please answer the questions as completely as possible. We welcome responses from everyone who played, or choose a representative from your group. Please use a blank sheet of paper. Thanks for your help in developing our new Christmas Game.

1. How many people played the game?

2. What ages were the players?

3. What relation were the players to each other?

4. For how long did you play the game?

5. Where did you play the game?

6. Did you enjoy playing the game? Explain.

7. What numbers did you like best?

8. What numbers didn't you like?

9. Which question generated the most discussion?

10. Were any of the questions inappropriate for your group? Which ones? Why?

11. Did the questions appeal to all ages? If not, for whom were they least appropriate?

12. Do you have suggestions for new questions? Please share them with us.

13. What did you learn by playing the game? Be specific.

14. Did you share anything that you've never shared before?

15. Will the experience of playing this game affect the way you think about or celebrate Christmas? How?

16. How could the instructions be clearer?

17. Would you like more of an element of "chance" beyond that of choosing a number?

18. Have you ever played a similar game? What was it?

19. Do you have any other suggestions? What are they?

20. If this game were offered for sale by Alternatives, would you purchase it? For yourself? For a gift? For whom?

Thank you!

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