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Simplify and Celebrate

Embracing the Soul of Christmas

Part 1 of this collection is drawn from Alternatives' 15 Christmas Packets. Part 2 is three of the annual Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? -- one for each year in the liturgical cycle -- A, B and C.
The links below go to the original articles, not the edited versions found in the book. Those followed by ?? have not yet been located.

Simplify and Celebrate was published by WoodLake/NorthStone, BC, Canada, the same group that published Alternatives' Treasury of Celebrations and The Alternative Wedding Book.

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PART 1: Simplify

A Simple Christmas: Getting Started

  • What Makes a Perfect Christmas?
  • Looking at Christmas History
  • Commercialized Christmas
  • Simplicity -- at Christmas and Year-Round ??
  • Making Traditions Work for You
  • What to Do When Christmas Is Chaos

    Simple Gift-Giving

  • Guidelines for Alternative Giving
  • Reclaiming Christmas
  • Plan Your Gift-Giving
  • The Best -- and Worst -- Christmas Gifts
  • What Is a Gift?
  • War Toys and Christmas
  • War Toys and Christmas - 2
  • Dreaming of a Green Christmas
  • Those Little Envelops Seemed Small
  • In the Spirit of Saint Nicholas
  • What to Tell the Folks

    Simple Christmas Ideas for Kids

  • A Sense of Wonder ??
  • Paper Cranes ??
  • Follow the Star ??
  • Decorate Inside and Out
  • A Special Birthday Gift ??
  • The Spirit of Christmas ??
  • Christmas Can be Confusing ??
  • Paper Stars ??
  • A Holiday Star ??
  • The Jesse Tree

    PART 2: Celebrate

  • Advent/Christmas Calendar (cycle A)
  • Reflections, Services and Activities
  • Advent/Christmas Calendar (cycle B)
  • Reflections, Services and Activities
  • Advent/Christmas Calendar (cycle C)
  • Reflections, Services and Activities

    Contributors to Part 2

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