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    Worship Alternatives - MAIN

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    This collection is a continuation of Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art.

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    Worship Alternatives

    Resources for Public Worship
    Focusing on Simpler Living and Global Justice

    More Than 200 Worship Items, Sermons and Graphic Illustrations!

    Also for Personal Inspiration
    For Electronic and
    Paper Publications

    Royalty-Free for NonProfits


    Compiled & edited by Gerald & Peter Iversen

    (c)2006 Alternatives for Simple Living

    Publisher Cataloging-in-Publication Data
    Alternatives for Simple Living
    Worship Alternatives
    26 x 30 cm. 100 pages
    ISBN 0-914966-33-2

    1. Alternatives for Simple Living. Worship Alternatives.
    2. Simplicity - Non-Fiction - Art - Worship

    I. Alternatives for Simple Living. II. Title

    Library of Congress Control Number: [2001130368]

    Printed in Iowa, USA

    All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission from the publisher, except as designated in the text. (See "Credits & Permission.") Dues-paying members of Alternatives have the privilege of copying -- but not selling -- resources produced by Alternatives. Memberships begin at $25 per year for individuals, $100 per year for institutions. For details, contact Alternatives.

    Cover art: graphic #3151

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    Alternatives is a non-profit organization that "equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly, and celebrate responsibly." Started in 1973 as a protest against the commercialization of Christmas, it encourages celebrations year-round that reflect conscientious ways of living.

    Throughout its 35+ years, Alternatives has helped lead the movement to live more simply and faithfully. The many staff members and volunteers of Alternatives have developed a wide variety of resources, organized an annual Christmas Campaign, held the Best and Worst Christmas Gift Contest, led numerous workshops, and reached countless people with the message of simple, responsible living.

    Alternatives emphasizes relationships and traditions over things... to avoid stress and debt and to promote alternative giving - helping needy people instead of spending so much on ourselves.

    Alternatives is operated by a small staff which reports to a national Board of Directors. We are funded by memberships and donations, grants, and sales of resources.

    Alternatives' quarterly Resource Guide (catalog) includes new listings, other resources on living more simply for children and adults. Alternatives sells its own material and resources from other publishers on simpler living and related topics (such as hunger, the environment, media literacy, etc.) for Advent and Christmas, for Lent and Easter, for weddings and for year-round use - some in Spanish.

    Alternatives' extensive website includes its catalog, hundreds of articles for personal inspiration and for editors to include in paper and electronic publications.

    Simpler living can be lonely. So, Alternatives helps like-minded folks connect.

    Our SLOW Down Network equips volunteer motivational Speakers, workshop Leaders, event Organizers, project Workers and Discussion makers to help reach others person-to-person with the message of simpler living. This North American network has over 800 members.

    Resources for Responsible Living and Celebrating Since 1973


    This resource has been in the works for over a decade. The concept was inherited from Alternatives' Georgia staff and has been reinvented by the Iowa staff.

    When it seemed that it may never be accomplished, we realized that we don't have to issue a one-time, comprehensive resources, but rather we can issue resources that can be, using a computer software term, upgraded.

    So we offer Worship Alternatives, v.1.0.

    Also, we want to make our resources available in multiple media. So this resource is available on paper in a three-hole punch binder format and also on a CD-ROM.

    We intend to issue future volumes on paper as well and upgrade the CD-ROM. So, in the future you can buy a cumulative CD-ROM at a discount price.

    The first packet will be about 200 pages. The CD-ROM has two big BONUSES -- additional art that does not appear in the paper version and also a new version (v.4.0 updated to 2005) of "Simply the Best: Over 30 Years of Alternatives." "Simply the Best" contains over 1500 pages of resources, many that would be appropriate for worship. They're noted in BOLD in the Table of Contents.

    Worship Alternatives comes primarily from three SOURCES.

    1. The ART comes from C.I. Publishing, a major contributor to an earlier collection called "Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes and Art." We have received requests for a volume 2 of that collection. This is it.

    Although Dr. Bob of C.I.P. no longer publishes his monthly collection of liturgical art, we hope to keep it alive through this collection.

    2. Individuals submitted SERMONS.

    3. The WORSHIP ITEMS come primarily from Seeds of Hope. Alternatives and Seeds of Hope have a long history. Both organizations lived in Georgia in the 1980's and early 1990's. Seeds of Hope published "Seeds" Magazine, an ecumenical magazine focusing on hunger issues, as well as a newsletter called "Sprouts." Katie Cook was the head of Seeds and still is. Alternatives and Seeds teamed up to publish the Directory of Hunger Organizations, 1st and 2nd editions.

    Seeds reinvented itself in the early 1990's. It stopped publishing the magazine and newsletter, moved to Texas and became Seeds of Hope, which publishes a quarterly packet of seasonal worship resources called "Sacred Seasons": Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, Pentecost/Ordinary Time and Hunger Emphasis.

    Katie Cook maintains a stable of quality writers and artists. She also edits the quarterly newspaper of the Baptist Peace Fellowship and "Hunger News and Notes."

    From her archives she has selected her 100+/- favorite pieces for Worship Alternatives.

    Since Alternatives does not own the vast majority of the work in this collection, this collection will not become a part of its growing CD-ROM collection "Simply the Best: Over 30 Years of Alternatives."

    Worship Alternatives is basically organized by seasons of the church year. The art uses different topics than the "Quotes & Art" collection.

    Version 1 contains five sections or "tabs" - Introduction; Advent, Christmas and Epiphany seasons; Lent and Easter seasons; Pentecost season; plus a variety of non-seasonal topics, such as prayer, sacraments and service.

    THANKS also goes to other members of the project committee, especially Karl Lehman, who originally guided the project as part of the Georgia staff in the early 1990's.

    So this collection is our attempt to meet the need that our customers have expressed in recent years for more worship resources. We are also trying to appeal to a younger audience. Please return the evaluation.

    Alternatives for Simple Living is a nonprofit -- 501 (c) (3) -- educational organization that "equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly, and celebrate responsibly." We hope that this collection advances our mission.

    When you have questions or flashes of insight, contact Alternatives' successor in spirit Simple Living Works! preferably by email SimpleLivingWorksATyahooDOTcom / SimpleLivingWorks.org.


    Alternatives for Simple Living, 1973-2011
    Gerald Iversen, National Coordinator, 1995-2007
    Founder, 2011, Simple Living Works!

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    How to Use This Collection

    1. Read it for personal inspiration. As you read, use a highlighter and keep asking, "How can I use this wisdom for myself and others?"

    2. If you're looking for a particular topic or key word, use the "find" function on your computer with the CD-ROM.

    3. Share it with others. Photocopy items for bulletin boards. Enlarge them. LET YOUR IMAGINATION SOAR! Use the art and captions together or separately.

    4. "Cut and paste" items for newsletters and Sunday service bulletins.

    5. Electronically "place" or "copy" items from the CD-ROM into publications -- paper, web sites, email, sermons, etc.

    6. Use a few items at a time PERSISTENTLY, not just on Social Concerns Sunday! Covert action works. It prepares comfortable, privileged people for overt action. It plants ideas, then it nurtures the seeds.

    7. Read the "Helpful Hints" below.

    8. For an introduction to the seasons of the church year and their many holidays - holy days - read Treasury of Celebrations (on paper or in "Simply the Best: Over 30 Years of Alternatives" on this CD-ROM.

    9. Pray.

    Helpful Hints

    Guidelines for Using and Formatting These Materials

    1. The text comes to you in basic fonts. Depending on your audience and publication format, you may want to change the font or the size.

    2. The CD-ROM contains all of the items on paper, plus much more. Since it uses basic Word Processing documents, the CD-ROM works on both Mac and PC.

    3. The ART graphics and accompanying text are in separate files. If you want to use the two together, place the art into your document, then copy and paste the text where you want it.

    4. All the text that accompanies the ART is arranged in the CD-ROM in numerical order, all in one document, with helps and a Table of Contents at the top of the READ ME file and in the paper insert. The art is arranged in one folder.

    5. Some worship items also come as PDFs on the CD-ROM have the suffix PDF. PDFs are handy -- the art and text are already formatted, ready to use. If you want to reformat, place the text and the graphics into your publishing program. The text and graphic(s) begin with the same item number in the Worship Items folder. a few items also come in Pagemaker 6.5 and have the suffix "p65."

    6. Rewrite and edit to suit your situation. Credit the authors. If you rewrite, include a note, such as "revised" or "adapted" after the original author's name. Your reprint license does not allow you to use any of the text or art in a spirit contrary to its obvious original intent... in the same spirit as this resource.

    7. When items from this collection are used in an article or editorial, please send us a copy of the publication, including its name and date. We can't afford a "clip" service, and we get some great ideas from you!

    8. Please make any copies on recycled paper.

    9. Most of the art has captions/commentaries. Some pieces stand alone. You can use the art with other text.

    10. Use "keywords" in the find function of your computer to find more text on a particular theme. This collection does not contain a thematic index other than the category names and the descriptors found in the Table of Contents.

    11. The primary use of this material is intended for paper-based publications or simple internet applications. So, most of the art is in black and white. Any pieces of art that are in color on the CD ROM have "COLOR" next to their ID number in the book.

    12. In most cases, the text is unformatted, such as plain dashes (--) and quotation marks (" ") that translate easily in email. You are free to format the text anyway you want.

    13. You can shrink or enlarge a piece of art, but do not distort or edit without permission. Distort means making one dimension disproportionately larger than the other. Editing includes "cropping" or removing part of the art, or adding to it, especially if that significantly changes the meaning or content of the art. You may change the color.

    14. See "How to Use This Collection" above.

    Return to Table of Contents

    Credits and Permissions

    All of the ART in this collection (and commentary accompanying the art) is copyrighted, either by Alternatives or someone else. None of it is in the Public Domain.

    Any/all of it may be used for non-commercial use by non-profit organizations, such as church newsletters, web sites, or worship services without further permission. That is, it is not included in a publication that is sold. It may also be included in a non-profit publication that is sold, as long as the purchaser of that publication is the intended end-user, such as a magazine.

    However, permission is required to include it in a collection that is sold with the intent that the purchaser would further disseminate the work, such as a collection like this one.

    None of the art may be used for commercial use by profit-making individuals or companies without permission -- whether the product is sold or not. For permission, send a copy of the piece for which it is intended to Alternatives at least 30 days before your deadline. If it is to be sold, include the selling price and the number of pieces to be printed. A royalty may be required.

    All uses of ART require proper credit. See examples below. You needn't give the commentaries accompanying the art an additional credit. It is not normally necessary to list Alternatives' source for the art or quotes. The details given in the "Sources" section is for your information.

    All art from C.I.Publishing may be published on paper only in North America. It's use on the internet is restricted by intent, not by geography.

    Examples of Credits:

    Please use one of the following credits on each copy.

    Credit Options:

    1.) --author's name (from "Worship Alternatives," SimpleLivingWorks.org)
    [Note: the author's or artist's name is usually given as part of the sermons and worship items.]

    2.) Art by [artist's name only] (from "Worship Alternatives," SimpleLivingWorks.org)
    [Note: No names are listed for art from C.I.Publishing; credit "C.I.Publishing." Do not include the words "clip art" in credit.]

    If space allows, include one of the following:
    3.) The mission of Simple Living Works! is "to equip people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly." Visit SimpleLivingWorks.org.
    4.) Simple Living Works! -- Resources for More Responsible Living & Celebrating since 1973. Visit SimpleLivingWorks.org.

    Item Numbering for Sources
    001-199 are from Individuals
    [001-099 appear in Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art]
    100's appear in Worship Alternatives
    200-349 & 400's are from Seeds of Hope
    200's appear in Worship Alternatives
    [300-349 appear in Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art]
    400's appear in Worship Alternatives
    350-399 are from Baptist Peace Fellowship and appear in Worship Alternatives
    [500's are from Alternatives and appear in Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art]
    800's, 900's & 4 digit codes are from C. I. Publishing and appear in Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art, and in Worship Alternatives
    (Note: 951-967 are by Doyle Burbank-Williams, Lincoln, NE.)

    Additional Worship Resources

    Sacred Seasons: Seeds of Hope packets. See insert or contact 602 James, Waco, TX 76706 (254) 755-7745, visit www.SeedsPublishers.org

    Preaching the WORD from Sojourners Magazine

    Subscribe online for a month or a full year. For fewer than $5 each month, you'll have exclusive access to the best biblical commentary from more than 30 years of Sojourners - including articles previously unavailable online!

    Each month, you will be able to draw from the wisdom and insight of such writers as: Walter Brueggemann, Joan Chittister, Kathleen Norris, and many more! "Preaching the Word" is an online resource for scriptural reflection, Bible study, and sermon preparation based on the Revised Common Lectionary for Sundays. Our carefully selected material will help you link biblical texts with a new vision of contemporary faith and social justice!

    Worship Resources produced by Alternatives

    Carols with Justice - booklet and 3-in-1 CD

    When singing favorite carols, add justice to the traditional verses. Use the entire booklet or selections for group caroling, worship bulletin, newsletters, Holiday cards and letters. 16 page booklet (OK to copy)

    These carols are the basis for "What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?" pageant (booklet) and CD.

    Carols booklet also comes in Alternatives' CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN KIT. Texts also available in web site archives and on "Simply the Best: Over 30 Years of Alternatives" CD-ROM.

    Booklet (OK to copy)
    3-in-1 CD (sung, accompaniment and texts)
    Pageant, "What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?"
    Pageant CD

    Sing Justice! Do Justice!
    New Hymns & Songs
    Foreword by Walter Brueggemann
    Words with familiar and new tunes for personal and group use.

    Recommended Worship Resources

    Three Volumes from the Iona Community Wild Goose Worship Group (The wild goose is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.)

    Vol. 1 - Cloth for the Cradle: Advent, Christmas & Epiphany
    Here are litanies, meditations, monologues, poems, prayers, readings, scripts and symbolic actions for innovative and highly participatory worship. These allow adults to rediscover the stories of Christ's birth as speaking from and to adult experience, rather than merely gazing from a distance of children re-enacting the Nativity. 150 pp.

    Vol. 2 - Stages on the Way: Lent, Holy Week & Easter
    A wealth of different types of worship resources: litanies, meditations, monologues, poems, prayers, readings, scripts, and symbolic actions. Experience hope, apprehension, desolation and then the wholly unexpected, deep joy of Easter. 235 pp.

    Vol. 3 - Present on Earth: The Life of Jesus (Ordinary Time)
    Prayers, dialogues, meditations and worship ideas cover Christ's earthly ministry. Innovative and highly participatory style. A unique and wonderful resource for lay and clerical worship planners! 256 pp.

    Harvest for the World: A Worship Anthology on Sharing in the Work of Creation
    Compiled by Geoffrey Duncan
    New material from writers across the world, living and working in a great variety of cultures and circumstances. Celebratory, reflective, challenging and at times humbling. Versatile. Use it throughout the year, whenever the themes of creation, harvest, fair trade, relief work, international debt and poverty, development, the politics of land ownership or food production are the focus of our worship, prayer and work. Recipes from around the world for a harvest supper with a difference. Contrast between rich and poor. In churches, schools or in small groups it will be a powerful reminder of our dependence on one another and on God. 300 pp. $21. HFTW

    Shine on, Star of Bethlehem: Worship Resource for Advent, Christmas & Epiphany
    Compiled by Geoffrey Duncan

    Writers from around the world have joined together to produce this best-selling anthology which offers a wide range of worship resources, from simple prayers to complete service outlines. An entirely new section of prayers and reading has been added to this second edition.

    Christ's coming into the world is supremely good news and joyful prayers, songs, poems and readings from many cultures will enrich our seasonal celebrations and personal preparations. Yet the incarnation, now as then, profoundly challenges the unjust systems and attitudes that condemn millions to lives of hunger, poverty, disease and homelessness. Their voices are heard in this anthology too, reminding us of our call to continue building the kingdom of God which Jesus' birth announced. 320 pp.

    Hunger for the Word
    Lectionary Reflections on Food and Justice
    Larry Hollar, editor, Bread for the World

    Hunger for the Word provides weekly reflections on the lectionary readings for the year from the standpoint of a concern for hunger and justice. Drawing on the insights and stories of pastors, professors and other theologically grounded people who are active in anti-hunger advocacy through Bread for the World, Hunger for the Word explores the scriptural witness with an openness to seeing how God's World can nourish us in the struggle to feed the hungry.
    240 pp. each.
    Year A. Year B. Year C.


    Larry Hollar, an ordained Presbyterian elder, is the senior regional organizer with Bread for the World, the nationwide grassroots Christian anti-hunger advocacy movement. Combining academic training in theological studies and law, he has had a varied career as a faith-based advocate, a Congressional staff members and a government lawyer.

    "What a needed, helpful, and intelligent collection! Somehow we preachers need to turn information in transformation. Somehow e need to give liturgy a justice perspective. Here are all the resources." - Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, NM

    "Hunger for the Word is the mind of resource preachers have been wanting for a long time. The lectionary-based essays lift the justice themes in each text and occasions to the surface where they can be seen and, more important, preached. This book will help make preaching ore faithful t the gospel and pertinent to the issues of our time." - Thomas G. Long, Emory University, Atlanta,. GA

    "How timely a lectionary that correlates Scripture with the cry for bread and the struggle for justice! May we in our congregations ever and again hear the Word that calls us to respond to a hungry world. This commentary on weekly lections is a medium for a Word that speaks both about the abundant grace of the gospel and its claim upon us to reach out to those in the depths." - Gabriel Fackre, Abbott Professor of Christian Theology Emeritus, Andover Newton theological School

    "The old evangelical counsel to 'keep the Bible and the newspaper together' is wondrously practiced in this helpful volume. These writers know that the crisis our culture faces is 'on the table' in worship and in the preaching of the church. These expositions intend to stiffen the spine of the church for its bold testimony. I anticipate readers will find courage and freedom for missional faithfulness herein." - Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

    Celebrating Justice & Liberation: A Resource for Worship
    Linda McKiernan-Allen, ed.
    Justice speaks of the way that God would have us treat one another so that all people may live fully and together. Liberation points to the grace given so freely by God that we are to extend to others through justice. Complete worship services by leaders from various denominations. Scripture passages. 140 pp.

    Seven Songs of Creation
    Liturgies for Celebrating and Healing Earth

    Norman C. Habel
    This Earth Bible Resource provides worshipping communities with fresh and dynamic new liturgies to revere, honor, love, and serve Earth - a description of the setting, the symbols and imagery associated with the theme; a biblical text and reflection for the preacher or celebrant; and an order for worship that includes prayer and song. Additional songs, hymns, alternative prayers, litanies, blessings, confessions, reflections, and Eucharist. 240 pp.

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    I found especially helpful, meaningfully

    ART #'s

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    I found especially unhelpful, unmeaningful

    ART #'s

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    Ideas for improvement (content, organization, etc.)

    General comments about the collection:

    I plan to submit an item for a future supplement to Worship Alternatives on:

    Comments about Alternatives' mission, resources and services:


    You may also copy this form and email your responses to SimpleLivingWorskATyahooDOTcom.

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    The following items are available free on this site. Hard copies will be available at low cost from ELCA Archives, Chicago,IL.
    Those not produced by Alternatives (*) may be available form your public library or your local, indepednt book store.

    Worship Alternatives _ CD-ROM

    * Unplug the Christmas Machine, $13.
    Leader's Guide
    Participant's Manual
    Unplug Workshop-on-a-CD

    Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? Annual Christmas booklet for households, church leaders, small study groups, Sunday school classes and other groups.

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Video, 18 min.

    Christmas Campaign Kit for Churches and Groups

    Stories to Read Aloud or Alone: Old & new stories, well-loved poems

    Christmas Reader, 24 pp.; Christmas Collection, 24 pp.; Christmas Sampler, 28 pp.

    Break Forth into Joy! Video and Study Guide. 45 minutes

    Wedding Alternatives. (also Spanish)

    Treasury of Celebrations: Create Celebrations That Reflect Your Values and Don't Cost the Earth

    To Celebrate: Reshaping Holidays and Rites of Passage, 224 pp.

    Stories and Songs of Simple Living
    _ Book, _ CD

    Sing Justice! Do Justice! New Hymns & Songs
    _ Book, _ CD

    Simple Living 101 -- toolbook for activists shy or bold

    Living Simply & Loving It! audio

    Simply the Best: Over 30 Years of Alternatives, CD-ROM

    Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art for Simper Living and Global Justice. 475+ graphics, 1000+ quotations.
    Spirit of Simplicity Greeting Cards (4 designs)

    The Good Life curriculum: 5 Lessons to Nurture Simplicity Within Christian Communities (curriculum, music editions & music CD) for Vacation Bible School, camps, midweek school; children or intergenerational.

    Carols with Justice: 15 familiar tunes, new words

    What Does Jesus Want for Christmas? pageant

    Let Jesus Come, Let Santa Go: 3 hour audio workshop

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    Worship Alternatives
    Resources for Public Worship
    Focusing on Simpler Living and Global Justice

    Thematic ART Index

    TAB 1 - See "Introduction - Hints" above.

  • What Is ALTERNATIVES for Simple Living?
  • Introduction
  • How to Use This Collection
  • Helpful Hints
  • Credits & Permissions
  • Additional Resources

    TAB 2 - Advent, Christmas & Epiphany seasons

    ART - See Art Index below.

    WORSHIP ITEMS - Item # / Title / Page - * Items are only on the CD-ROM/site, not paper.

    160-Animal Barn (play)*
    161-Looking for Christmas (story)*
    200-Silent Night: Advent reading*
    202-The Packing Around My Hopes-2-7
    203-Responsive Call to Hope*
    205-Season for Peace-2-8
    206-Another Prayer for Peace-2-8
    207-Isaiah 65:17-23-New Heavens & Earth*
    208-God with Us: a youth led reading for Advent*
    209-Rejoice: Advent reading for two people-2-9
    210-Scandal of Salvation: 3 part Advent meditation-2-10
    212-Multi-Media Christmas Pageant Extravaganza-2-12
    213-Advent Meditations*
    214-Music, Sweet Buns, Coffee & Love: Christmas Eve service (Moravian Love Feast)*
    215-4-Part Advent Litany*
    216-The Christmas Gift: Children's Sermon-2-14
    217-Christmas Eve Meditation*
    218-Are Your Hands Cold? Children's emphasis for the beginning of Advent-2-17
    219-Child's Lessons & Carols*
    220-My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation: Dramatic Reading*


    115-Comfort, O Comfort My People (Second Sunday in Advent: Isaiah 40: 1-11)-2-18
    116-Who Are You? (Third Sunday in Advent: Isaiah 61: 1-4; 8-11; Thes. 5: 16-24; John 1: 6-8, 19-28)-2-18
    117-Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Christmas Eve)-2-20
    118-Prophecies Fulfilled (First Sunday After Christmas: Luke 2: 22-40)-2-24
    119-Unexpectedly Faithful (Christmas Day: Luke 2:1-20)-2-21
    120-Christmas Resolutions (New Years Day: Luke 2:8-38)*

    TAB 3 - Lent/Easter seasons

    ART - See Art Index below.

    WORSHIP ITEMS - Item # / Title / Page (* = CD-ROM/site only)


    106-Parish Healing Tree-3-35
    352-Meditation on Lint-3-12
    464-Meditation for Early Lent-3-30
    469-Journeying from Anguish to Joy: Youth Activity-3-14
    481-Lenten Reflection 1*
    482-Lenten Reflection 2*
    483-About Face! A Lenten Children's Sermon and Activity*
    484-What Does It Mean To Be Me? A Guided Meditation for Lent-3-31
    485-Some Thoughts About Eating and Drinking*
    488-Extreme Followers: Litany for Early Lent-3-32
    489-Giving Away Our Lives-3-32
    491-Prayer to an Outrageous God-3-33
    492-Spirits Collide: Conversation with Isaiah 35 - Reading for People in Exile*
    494-The Mystery*
    495-Lenten Prayer-3-33
    496-Promise for Lent: Responsive Reading for First Sunday in Lent*
    497-Responsive Confession for Lent-3-35
    499-Ashes from Our Lives: Service of Ashes-3-37

    Holy Week

    100-Good Friday Vigil Against Gun Violence: Stations of the Cross-3-41
    351-Confession for Holy Week-3-13
    365-Dead Space*
    465-Sharing the Wounds of the Cross: Meditation-3-28
    468-Pastoral Prayer for Holy Week-3-11
    472-Litany for Maundy Thursday-3-15
    473-Sharing Wounds of Christ: Litany for Holy Friday-3-28
    474-What Wondrous Love: Poem-3-17
    477-Road Not Traveled-3-18
    479-Journey into Darkness: Tenebrae Service (7 Last Words)-3-22
    480-Ten Stations of Suffering: Youth Activity-3-19
    486-Poem for Holy Week*
    487-Mixed Feelings: Reflections on Holy Week*
    493-Out of the Depths: Service for Holy Friday-3-34


    107-Via Lucis 14 Stations-3-35
    476-Drama for Easter Sunrise-3-25
    478-Easter Catches Me Off Guard-3-18
    498-Monologue for Easter Sunday Morning-3-36


    101-104-Lenten Series-3-51
    475-Children's Easter Sunday Sermon-3-50
    105-Durable Thomas (Sunday after Easter: John 20:19-31)-3-65

    TAB 4 - Pentecost season

    ART - See Art Index below.

    WORSHIP ITEMS - Item # / Title (Some items are only on CD-ROM/site, not paper.)

    159-Pentecost Blessing-4-11
    250-Pentecost Litany for All Seasons-4-6
    251-The Enormous Language: Drama for Pentecost Sunday-4-4
    253-Pentecostal Power: Sermon for Pentecost Sunday-4-7
    254-Bringing Them to Their Senses: Brainstorming Session-4-12
    255-Birthday of the Church: Children's Sermon for Pentecost*

    Ordinary Time

    270-Beatitudes, v. 2.0*
    271-Being the Church: Some Thoughts about the Community of Faith-4-14
    272-One in the Spirit: Program for Intergenerational Fellowship-4-15
    273-Why People Always Bring Food-4-19
    274-Invocation for an Ordinary Congregation*
    275-Moving into Ordinary Time: A Call to Worship-4-16
    276-God, Our Souls Are Weary: Prayer for Servants-4-14
    277-Prayer for Ordinary Time*
    278-These Stones We Hold: Service of Release-4-17
    279-Pieces of the Puzzle: Children's Sermon Idea*
    280-The Body of Christ? It's a Puzzle: youth activity*
    281-A Rock Garden of Wishes: Brainstorming for a Children's Activity-4-19


    130-God, Creation, and Us (Holy Trinity Sunday: Genesis 1; Psalm 8)-4-20
    131-Christmas in July (John 3:16 & Luke 2:1-20)-4-22
    132-Traveling Light (4th Sunday After Pentecost: Mark 6: 1-13)-4-29
    133-More Than Enough (7th Sunday After Pentecost: John 6: 1-21)-4-30
    134-Sowing Seeds (After Pentecost: Isaiah 55:10-13, Mark 14:1-16)-4-25
    135-Black Friday (Sunday after Thanksgiving: Matt. 3: 1-12)-4-31
    136-God Leads... As a Shepherd... As a King (Christ The King Sunday: Ezekiel 34: 11-24; Matthew 25: 31-46)-4-28

    TAB 5 - Other Topics

    ART- See Art Index below.

    WORSHIP ITEMS - Item # / Title / Page (* = CD-ROM/site only)

    150-Truthful Prayer Before Meals-5-28
    151-Consumer's Prayer-5-28
    152-Is This the Blood of Christ?-5-29
    153-Hymn: Bigger Barns-5-29
    154-Hymn: The Earth Is the Lord's-5-30
    155-Beatitudes for Christian Peacemakers-5-30
    156-I Was Hungry-5-31
    158-Notes on Church Music-5-31
    350-Beatitudes, v.2.0-5-32
    353-Prayer for the World-5-33
    354-Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread-5-35
    355-I Met Jesus One Time in Chicago-5-37
    356-God of Peace-5-38
    357-Pooh, Age Eleven*
    359-Do Not Neglect-5-40
    360-When I Thought Like a Child-5-41
    361-Voice in Temple-5-42
    362-Beatitudes for the Weary Christian-5-43
    363-Prayer for Shalom-5-44
    364-Call to Worship-5-45
    366-Pastoral Prayer for Peacemakers-5-46
    367-My Rite of Communion-5-47
    368-Confession to an Untamed God-5-46
    369-God of Apple Crate-5-47
    370-For Such a Time*
    371-I Saw a White Buffalo-5-48
    372-Weeping & Hoping-5-49
    374-Funeral Sermon*


    400-Mommy, I'm Hungry: Children's Sermon-5-51
    401-Sacred Dance: Connecting the Body, Mind, and Spirit in Worship-5-52
    402-Hungering for Justice: Litany-5-58
    403-Beans, Rice & Cappuccino*
    404-The Least of These-5-54
    405-The Banquet Table: Interpretive Reading for Youth-5-55
    406-How He Broke the Bread-5-56
    407-Feast from a Snack: Child's Monologue-5-57
    408-I Just Want You to Know I'm Here: Monologue-5-58
    409-May We Be Uneasy-4-51
    410-Remind Us of Your Face: Responsive Call to Awareness-5-59
    411-Change for the Children: Children's Sabbath hymn-5-60
    412-Jesus & Children: Children's Sabbath sermon-5-61
    413-Children's Activity: Hungry for Hope - Day Camp-5-64

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    The tab and page numbers are given for each of graphics and captions found in the book and on the CD-ROM / site.

    BONUS graphics only on the CD-ROM / site are indicated by ( * ).

    This Topical/Seasonal Index includes Biblical references and sources of quotations.

    To match up the graphic and the text (the art and the words) from the CD-ROM, use the same ID number in the graphics file and the text document -- both in the ART folder.

    For more help, see "How to Use This Collection" and "Helpful Hints" below.

    ID# - Topic - Tab/Page #

    936-Care Of Creation*
    937-Cut Credit Card-2-4
    938-All Visit Manger*
    939-Donating Toys*
    940-Earth Ornaments*
    941-Family at Advent Wreath-2-2
    942-Flight to Egypt1-2-3
    943-Flight to Egypt2-2-3
    944-Flight to Egypt3-2-3
    945-Homeless Nativity*
    946-Joseph & Mary-2-1
    947-Magi block print*
    948-Magi on camels-2-3
    949-Magi & camels*
    952-Santa Credit Card1*
    953-Santa Credit Card2*
    954-Dove Credit Card*
    955-Manger Credit Card*
    967-Nativity Ornament*
    1295-Jesus, Leon Bloy-3-8
    1299-Never Let Go, Youth Worship-3-8
    1366-Jesus' Presence-5-23
    1386-Lord of Lords-5-24
    1456-1460-Thanksgiving for People-5-25-26
    1777-Holy Trinity-5-23
    2053-God's Love-5-22
    2290-Lent/Hunger Cloth*
    2350-2355-Holy Week-3-6
    2374-Last Supper*
    2376-Night on Mt. of Olives-5-23
    2381-Cross, Claudia Pessoa-3-9
    2553-Confirmation Sunday*
    2796-Black Christ-5-18
    2815-Contemporary Worship Music*
    2830-Youth Choir-5-19
    2890-Jesus' Birth (Wisdom 18:14-15)-2-1
    2911-Jesus' Birth (Luke 2:10-11)-2-1
    2967-3 Wise Ones-2-
    2970-Jesus' Baptism-2-4
    2971-Jesus' Baptism-2-4
    3026-3 Wise Ones-2-3
    3141-Eucharist, St. Thomas Aquinas-5-17
    3151-Resurrection, Orthodox Liturgy-3-4
    3199-Palm Sunday/kids*
    3209-Passover meal-3-7
    3246-Holy Spirit-4-2
    3251-Holy Spirit*
    3252-Holy Spirit-4-2
    3253-Holy Spirit*
    3260-Holy Trinity-4-3
    3261-Holy Trinity, Athanasian Creed-4-3
    3262-unholy trinity*
    3263-Holy Trinity-5-14
    3319-3323-Holy Healing Service-5-17
    3418-Multi-Cultural Last Supper-5-14
    3634-Brass Choir-5-15
    3650-All Saints-5-14
    3651-All Saints*
    3655-Live in Us-5-12
    3660-Holy Spirit-5-12
    3692-Emmanuel (Matthew 1:23)*
    3725-Escape to Egypt-2-3
    3785-God's Spirit*
    3814-God's chosen*
    3816-Ash Wednesday, Ecclesiastes 3:1,4*
    3817-Ash Wednesday*
    3818-Ash Wednesday*
    3819-Church Year*
    3820-Ash Wednesday*
    3853-Deserts of Life-3-5
    3915-Palm Sunday*
    3917-Palm Sunday*
    3918-Palm Sunday-3-1
    3919-3924-Holy Week*
    3925-Behold, the Man*
    3926-Holy Journey-3-3
    3927-3941-Stations of the Cross*
    3949-Crucifixion, Soren Kierkegaard-3-5
    3950-Behold the man-3-1
    3954-Resurrection, Chrysostom*
    3955-Baptism, Easter Vigil*
    3959-On The Way to Emmaus-5-8
    3972-False Shepherd*
    3973-3974-Good Shepherd-5-10
    4002-Prodigal Son-5-10
    4013-Empty Hands at Easter-5-10
    4020-Open the door Bernard of Clairvaux-5-1
    4032-Good News-5-11
    4035-"I am the Way"*
    4044-Word of God (Romans 10:8) Bernard of Clairvaux-5-5
    4058-Holy Spirit-5-2
    4059-4064-Gifts of the Spirit*
    4073-Bread of Life-5-6
    4076-God's Acceptance*
    4084-Jesus' Love-5-6
    4097-Faith at Death-5-6
    4128-Confessions and Forgiveness-5-7
    4143-First Communion-5-5
    4147-Devotions at Work-5-7
    4148-God's Presence-5-7
    4149-Prayer of the Sick-5-8
    4150-Prayer Time, Nat'l Day of Prayer-5-8
    4185-God's Word-5-3
    4209-All Welcome-5-2
    4255-Aaronic Blessing (Numbers 6:24-27)*
    4258-Blessing, Baptism*
    4317-Envy and Selflessness-5-1
    4335-Next to the Last Supper-3-2
    4350-Followers of Christ*
    4370-The Great Judgement-5-2
    4373-Jesus' Presence (Matthew 18:20)-5-3

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    NOTE: Dates are for reference only. These resources can be used any year.

  • "Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art for Simpler Living and Global Justice"
    1. Voluntary Simplicity
    2. Building Community
    3. Celebrating
    A. Advent/Christmas
    B. Lent/Easter
    C. Other Holidays
    D. Rites of Passage
    4. Peace & Justice
    5. Earth Care
    6. Alternative Giving
    7. Economics
    8. Media
    9. Sustenance
    10. Faith, Spirituality

  • "Simply the Best: Over 30 Years of Alternatives" CD-ROM - over 1500 pages of resources (1973-2004), arranged in four thematic folders: Christmas, Easter, Spanish and Other (non-seasonal).

    1. Christmas Resources
  • Anthologies to Read Aloud or Alone
  • Celebration Revolution of Alexander Scrooge
  • Christmas Campaign Kit
  • Christmas Packets for Congregations and Homes: study guides, models for worship, activities
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (video)
  • Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? booklets: weekly reflections, daily calendars, worship, articles and activities
  • Leader's Guide to "Unplug the Christmas Machine" Workshop

    2. Easter Resources:
  • Who's Risen from the Dead, Anyway?
    A. Reflection/Activity Guides
    1. Matthew: Cycle A
    a. Following in His Footsteps
    b. Learning the Meaning of Ministry
    2. Mark: Cycle B
    a. Learning the Cost of Discipleship
    b. Learning to Live by God's Truth Reflections and Activities
    3. Luke: Cycle C
    a. A Journey Toward Understanding Reflections and An Alternative Lent/East Celebration
    b. Self-Examination and Recommitment (also called A Way in the Wilderness)

    B. Seders: Passover & Easter

    C. 40-Day Guides (calendars and bulletin inserts)
    2005: Hunger (Cycle A)
    2004: Connecting with God, Others, Myself (C)
    2003: Taking More Time to Reassess (no cycle)
    2002: A Time to Reassess (A)
    2001: Spirit of Simplicity (C)
    2000: 12 STEPS to a Simpler Life (B)
    1999 : Half the Stuff-Twice the Joy (A)
    1998: 40 Days to a Simpler Life (C)
    1997: At Least 10% for God's Creation (ecology)
    1996: Of Paths & Ponderings (A)
    1995: Rivers in the Desert (C)
    1994: The Joy of Discipleship (B)
    1993: Drink from the Well of Living Water (A)
    1992: Journey Toward Understanding (C) for adults
    1992: Journey Toward Change (for children)
    1990: Footsteps to Follow
    1989: The Road to Jerusalem (C)
    1987: Responsible Living in God's World
    1986: Learning the Meaning of Ministry

    D. Bulletin Inserts & Covers
    E. Other

    3. Spanish Resources
    A. Adviento (Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?)
    B. Calendarios de 40 dias para la Cuaresma (40 day Lenten Guides)
    C. Nuestra Boda (Wedding Alternatives)

    4. Other Resources
  • Alternatives Quarterly Review
  • Break Forth into Joy (Video Script)
  • Bulletin Inserts
  • Clusters: Lifestyle Alternatives-Families/Singles
  • Consumo, Overlord of Overconsumption
  • Simple Living 101: Toolbook for Activists shy or bold (also on paper)
    1. Speakers
    A. Order of service
    B. Sermons
    2. Workshop Leaders
    3. Alternative Event Organizers
    4. Project Workers
    5. Discussion-makers
  • Simply Delicious: Quantity Cooking for Churches
  • Simpler Living Alternatives Calendar for Any Year
  • Those Who Speak for God: Studies on the Minor Prophets
  • Treasury of Celebrations: Create Celebrations That Reflect Your Values, Don't Cost the Earth
  • Voluntary Simplicity Study/Action Guide
  • Wedding Alternatives

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    Worship Alternatives collection compiled, edited and prepared by Katie Cook from Seed of Hope and Gerald Iversen.

    The collection contains sermons, worship items and art. It is part of the CD-ROM Simply the Best: Over 30 Years of Alternatives, available from the ELCA Archives.

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