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Jan. 3

RE: Episode 15 :: Author Cecile Andrews, Champion of Simplicity Circles

Thanks for this marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it. You happen to be a great author. I will make certain to bookmark your blog and may come back at some point. I want to encourage you to continue your great writing. Have a nice evening!

Nikita Foose

Jan. 20

RE: Episode 47 :: Susan Stephenson, Interfaith Power and Light

At last! Someone with the insight to solve the problem!


RE: Episode 18 :: Not Ordinary Times - Eco-Justice Ministries

Frankly, I think that's absolutely good stuff.


Jan. 21

Bob Sitze, blogger for The Lutheran Magazine online, payed tribute to SLW!
Simple Enough: Whose Birthday WAS It, Anyway?

Jan. 22

RE: SLW! Podcast Episode 61 (FaceBook)

John de Graaf:
Honored to be interviewed by Gerald Iversen for his Simple Living Podcast.

Gerald has also published the series of Lenten speeches about time and overwork I gave at an Episcopal church on Mercer Island, Washington a few years ago--they are mostly still relevant and relate as well to Affluenza.

Bonnie Tognetti:
Congratulations! I don't attend Church here. Jerry is better. Churches are a great place to meditate and to do good work for the community.

Feb. 3

RE: Positive Signs from Central Coast Calif. (my blog for Jubilee-Economics.org)

Thanks, Gerald. I enjoyed reading the update on water rights as well. You do some fascinating work.

Pastor Amy Beveridge, Bethel Lutheran--ELCA, Templeton, Calif., and blogger at TheGodJournals.com

Feb. 5 -- FaceBook

RE: Episode 62: Author Tim Kasser

I've been simplifying & decreasing my goods for awhile now. It's put me a good state of mind. Good to know I'm on the right track.
Kathleen Heiser

I have lived on needs only for several years, and God meets them so faithfully. It has been all an intentional effort of my growth in Him.
Carla Stafford


I enjoy Simple Living Works and want to continue enjoying it.

Thank you!
Rebecca Dale


Re: SLW! Weekly - Paso Peace Circle

Hey Gerald and Rita,
You are very quick at posting your blogs after meetings. I read it, posted a thank you to you at the blog and really did enjoy the discussion.

Thanks for your being such a great living example!

Lin Mercer


Dear Jerry,

Sorry that I am late but still want to thank you for your visit to our group [Paso Robles {Peace Circle] - and thank you for your presentation, and now also for your report on the meeting. It was indeed good to be together, listen to each other and have questions.

Greetings to Rita and you from me and Nancy.

RE: Simple Living Works! Podcast


Good interview and educational alternatives presented to the public is essential today. Thanks for this program. Namaste!
Tim O'Connor


Happy Birthday to Gerald Iversen! You're a wonderful father-in-law and grandpa! You inspire me to think and live simply, and I thank you for all you've done for me and our family. Love you!

Re: Helpful Birthday Ideas from SLW!
Cool site! Thank you very much!!!
Faye G Hanshew


RE: Episode 12: Living More with Less UPDATED

Very interesting information on this site. My coworker and I were just talking about this. Thank you for sharing.


Hello Simple Living Works! podcast,

I'm the social media coordinator for the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. We are a network of individuals and groups who engage in acts of conscience and civil disobedience by refusing to pay some or all of the taxes that fund war. This year we are engaging in Days of War Tax Action centered around the theme, 'Divest from the Pentagon, Invest in People.' We're encouraging people to consider engaging in their own acts of personal divestment through war tax resistance, and reinvesting resisted taxes in communities and organizations doing good in the world. Personal and collective war tax divestment can accompany and amplify calls for divestment and opposition to injustice in other areas, like fossil fuels, nuclear power, prisons, and Israeli occupation.

My co-worker, Ruth, came across your podcast when looking for the source of this simple living list. We seem to have some peace/anti-war-tax friends in common, like Shane Claiborne (who we've also had on our podcast) and folks from the Catholic Worker movement. We have many simple living resisters in our network too (and even a whole pamphlet on simple living as a war tax resister). If you would be interested in talking war tax resistance on your podcast, let me know and I can connect you with someone.


Erica Weiland

I think your and Jerusalem Farm's mission overlap. You may want to contact them and interview them for your podcast. They are are doing something very unique.
Bill Cordero

RE: April SLW! eNews


Greetings Gerald --
Another amazing collection. Thank you.

Even better, for people's referring your findings to others when nos. replace bullets, especially for the 30 or so entries under 'What Others Are Doing...' That way I can easily say, 'Hey Friend, take a look at #27 -- thought of you when I read this piece of Gerald's collection.'

You get the idea. Trust this idea makes sense and is worth implementing.

Joyous Spring, best -- Dick Webster [scroll up to Post #104]

I've been getting your updates for years now. Thank you! I wanted to bring to your attention a bible study workbook I recently developed called 'Organize His Way: A Christ-Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life.' You can learn all about me and the bible study at EileenKoffMinistries.com.

Blessings, not stuff,
Eileen Koff CPO

4/1/16 - FaceBook birthday greeting

Thanks, Gerald. Glad the legacy lives on online. Thanks for what you are doing.

Barbara Lynn Fullerton


Hi, I was looking for some information on simple living this morning when I came across your resource page.

What a fantastic list of resources!

I actually just published something on simple living: 16 Actions to Take Today to Live a Simple Life

It might make a good fit for your page.

Either way, keep up the awesome work!



RE: SLW! Podcast Ep. 66: Peter Sawtell, Eco-Justice Ministries

Northwest Iowa Sierra Group shared Simple Living Works's post.

Peter Sawtell covers a lot of ground during this episode from Simple Living Works.


RE: SLW! Podcast

I had the privilege of knowing Peter when I lived in Denver. He is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met. Thank you for sharing this.

Kathy Jo Mitchell [Progressive Christian Alliance FaceBook group]


It does work!

Liliana Stahlberg shared your post.


This is so wonderful to see! Many years back I subscribed to Alternatives for Simple Living and then they could not continue! So happy that it has been resurrected! Their ideas, then, changed how I lived.

Mary Williams


RE: Our Simple Living Daily 'Nudge'

Simple Living is hard work and requires a lot of attention to detail. It ain't easy.

Herbert 'Warren' Alderson

What I read so far, I enjoyed much more than some of your podcasts. There are some really good nudges and admonitions that help us keep on track.

I did the junk mail thing but never got them to stop so I use the junk mail to put in raised beds at the bottom then I don't have to fill with so much dirt to get started growing. I put some cardboard in too. Of course whatever you grow doesn't take packaging and that is a good thing. Thanks, I'll subscribe if that is an example. That's going to take some work to come up with new nudges every day.

Anna Lorraine


Yes -- sounds good.
Vernita Kennen

RE: Ep.69, Walter Brueggemann

Very interesting discussion. Interesting jubilee perspective and the influence of the people of God on how society is organized for our mutual good.
Jean Ludvigsen Binder

RE: Alternatives' Founder Has Died

Peace & prayers.
Peggy Muehleisen Stahlin


RE: Nudge

Thank you for all you have and continue to do to educate the masses of a better way to live.
Stephen Mayberry, life member


RE: Memorial Day NUDGE

Very good content, Jerry. I saved part of it to my hard drive.
Rita Swan

RE: Daily Nudge


I am enjoying my Daily Nudge. Thanks for providing this service.
Jeanne Bockholt


Re: Nudge

Good ideas on the beggar dilemma.
Rita Swan

Re: Nudge


Thanks. There's a lot of good stuff in your emails, but sometimes it's all just overwhelming! A short mailing is a good idea.
M Harbison

Did your co-worker have a bad day today? Bring her coffee tomorrow morning.

Re: Nudge


Jerry, I'll give it a try but my inbox is full of notices from every direction. Thanks for your good work.
Truman/Joan Moore

Re: Nudge


Nudge! You do a wonderful and helpful service!!
Clark Callender

Re: Nudge


Sign me up! & let me know how I can support your mission!
Jane Courtright

Re: Nudge


Jerry, GOOD idea. Look forward to hearing from you and colleagues more often.
Thanks, Dick
R.S. Webster

Re: Nudge


Thank you for all that you do!
Casey Williams


I am retiring from Duke at the end of this month. I look forward to getting your periodic updates at the new email address. Thanks for your continued good work in this area.
Jim Gudaitis

For my visit to Jim and his students at Duke, see Travels Posts #34-36


FaceBook Birthday greetings

Great food for thought Gerald Iversen. Thanks!
J.m. Rivas

# # #

Re: Nudge


Always helpful. I like the quick alternative giving art. Thank you,
Jeanne Bockholt

# # #

Re: Daily Nudge

Thanks for the kind words. We've been at it about as long as you have. If we can be of any help keep in touch.
Jim Goetsch
Administrative Coordinator
611 W. Wayne St., Ft. Wayne, IN 46802-2167
260-422-6821 // Fax 260-422-1650
A nonprofit membership organization
Digging at the roots of poverty since 1972.

# # #


Thanks! I look forward to being NUDGED.
Johane Cherico

# # #



This sounds great. Hope to be included.
Miriam & Ken Westereng

# # #


Re: Ep. 71 - Jerusalem Farm

I love the simple life.
Bethy Bennett

* * *

Re: FaceBook Birthday wish

Wow. Simple Living Works! seems pretty cool.
Anita C. Hill



RE: SLW! eNews

It's too Christian. The values you support are not so limited by faith.
Helen Mastache

# # #

July 1

Your daily nudges are helping me remember what my values and priorities are. Thank you.
Barbara Greer

# # #

Re: SLW! eNews


At this point in my life it is overwhelming information. Thank you for all your work.
Gloria Strickert

# # #


I love what you guys do, but I spend much less time in front of my computer these days and 'simplifying' for me has included streamlining my inbox. Keep up the good work!
Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma


Re: SLW Weekly Digest

Simple Living Works is such an amazing resource for information. I feel like a kid in a candy shop every time I look through the topic choices.
Kate Hepburn

# # #

Re: Nudge -- child door-to-door sales for school


Office at Our Savior's Lutheran, Everett, WA

This is a great idea -- I've been doing this for years.

Another idea that I support -- buying girl scout cookies for the military. The benefits:
1. The girl scouts receive the regular benefit.
2. The troops receive cookies
3. I don't have tempting calories around MY house

# # #

July 15

Hi Gerald,

This is a tremendous resource! Regarding what you wrote about minimalism, some members might enjoy meeting up with the Columbus Minimalists Group! We meet once a month and discuss different topics. Here is our facebook page:
Thanks for sharing!

Best of Health,
Adrienne Raimo, Integrative & Functional Dietitian, L.D.
Columbia University Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Medical & Corporate Wellness Dietitian

# # #

Re: Nudge - green investment


Have you provided a list of mutual funds that will not invest in the fossil fuel industry? While I'm still employed, Doug and I can buy a Roth IRA each year of $6500. I don't do well buying individual stocks, but it's so hard to be sure that a mutual fund does not invest in fossil fuels, pipelines, etc.
Rita Swan

# # #

Re: People Love SLW! Nudges & Blogs


Thanks for all you do, Jerry!!!

John de Graaf

# # #


Re: SLW! Podcast #74 :: Lutheran Peace Fellowship

Dear Jerry:

It was grand of you to lift up LPF peacemaking by inviting Glen for a podcast. Thank you for helping bring LPF into the 21st century this way! It put a smile on my face to hear your voice in this mode also. You have a great voice for it, clear and easy to listen to.

Still loving Simple Living Works! eNews. Thank you for helping so many of us stay on track with such an abundance of resources and ideas!


Lily R. Wu
New York City
LPF Editorial Volunteer and Occasional Blogger
and Former LPF Board Member

# # #


Re: Today's SL Nudge

Love this one!
Really like the daily nudge format.
Keep up the great work.


Re: Daily Nudge

Jerry, I thought you would like to hear that I used several items from this weeks' messages to form the devotion for opening our Elder's meeting and everyone in attendance took down the address to check out Nudge.
Peace, Ty Krauss


Re: Nudge--7 Golden Rules for Good Health

Preach it brother !

Warren Alderson

Wed., 8/31/16

Re: Nudge--Mid-Week Sabbath, relish these quotes

Thank for the daily nudges and helpful quips.

Warren Alderson

# # #

Re: Today's Nudge


Perfect message for today. League of Women Voters, Sioux City is hosting an Ice Cream Social at which we are expressing recycling and reusing in our signage and our product use.
Thanks for the nudge.

Jeanne Bockholt

# # #

Re: Nudge -- Becoming a Creation Awareness Center

Aug 23

This seems too much for a 'nudge'! And seems written to clergy.
I wish you'd put your clever nudges in a color separate from all the other stuff on your page. I just want one brief nudge per day to consider. Your ideas are mostly great, and I need them.
But, Er, keep it simple, please!

Dudley Gilmer

Elysha Iversen


Love it!

On Sep 18, Jerry Iversen wrote:

> (Continued from yesterday) Amateurs and professionals are on a continuum too. The difference is not between 'good' and 'bad' art and entertainment but between passivity and involvement. Passive entertainment makes money for somebody else, so it's highly promoted. Active entertainment takes no more time but takes our energy. 'The system' is designed primarily to keep us passive, to let professionals do the work while we pay them outrageous salaries. Non-conform freely. Reduce passive entertainment; increase active arts.

# # #

Sep 17

I disagree! The benefits of being part of the so-called 'passive audience' can be vital to mental health, participation, recreation, socialization, release of self-centerness, appreciation of others' gifts, etc. etc. besides just fun. It's lovely to enjoy the arts or sports, as long as one is not obsessed to the point of ignoring or hurting others. Please don't demonize good things!


On Sep 17, Jerry Iversen wrote:

Sept. 17, Sat.

Is there any difference between watching a concert by the Three Tenors or a game at the Three Rivers stadium? Professional sports, movies and the fine arts may be on different spots on the entertainment continuum, but they're on the same line, as long as there's a passive audience. A Beethoven symphony is engaging to some. So is a hard fought hockey game. And they may represent the same thing... struggle between good and evil. Let's support the Arts by DOING the ARTS ... drawing, writing, dancing, reading aloud. If we feel incompetent, let's take a class. (Continued tomorrow)

# # #

Sep 10

Yeah! Darn straight!

Elysha Iversen

On Sep 10, Jerry Iversen wrote:

Sept. 10, Sat.

When watching TV, ZAP the commercials (mute the sound). No need to be assaulted by aggressive car and soda pop commercials. Some consider ads 'the price of admission.' That's exactly what advertisers want you to think. The air waves belong to the people. We owe advertisers nothing! # # #


I love this one too. Had never thought about this: 'conveying status.' Hmmm. Thanks.

On Sep 11, Jerry Iversen wrote:

Sept. 11, Sun.

Avoid wearing commercial logos which attempt to convey status and promote overconsumption. Only wear messages that convey values that you truly believe in. Fingernail scissors will remove embroidered logos from sweaters.

Be the Message!


Re: Ugly Food Project Part 2—Clean Water Is a Human Right

Rick Whiteley

Some are concerned about too much regulation by the EPA. I don't see it that way. The EPA is necessary to keep our water clean and protect the environment as a whole. It is designed to keep National Parks and nature preserves free from contamination. The EPA was created by President Nixon approx. 45 years ago. It has been quite helpful with a goal of making us healthier and protecting precious natural resources, like water. Now, it is involved in reducing our carbon imprint, making the burning of fossil fuel energy cleaner and encouraging the spread of renewable energy alternatives, such as solar and wind. This is a subject about which I'm very passionate !

Sep 18

Gerald, in light of your astute remark, 'The system' is designed primarily to keep us passive, to let professionals do the work while we pay them outrageous salaries, I thought I would pass on a piece I wrote recently. JZ Where Is Christ in Church Life?


Oct 10

There's also pescatarians, whose only meat source is fish.


Oct. 10, Mon.
Vegetarians come in several flavors: those who eat no red meat; those who eat no meat; and Vegans, who eat no animal products (no milk, no eggs). Contact The Vegetarian Resource Group:Vegetarian Journal at vrg.org, or EarthSave.org: Personal Food Choices--Global Results.

# # #


Love your drawings, Gerald.

Charles Kyle, Ph.D. Charles Kyle, Ph.D. • 1st
Research in Education: Civil Rights, Arts, Safety

# # #


red meat give up? yes!
coffee? No way!
Dudley Gilmer

# # #

Oct. 3, Mon. Reduce consumption of red meat by at least 10%. It takes many gallons of water and pounds of grain to make one pound of beef for our table.

# # #

I encourage you to review your beliefs. Fruit juice has fructose which research shows leads to metabolic syndrome: small amounts of low carb whole fruit have much better effects . Organic coffee in moderation has been shown to have healthy effects. Perhaps you might review bullet proof coffee? I mostly agree with your emails but think you are way off track on this! Lois

Hey, I sell Fair Trade coffee at our church. It helps the small farmers of Latin America make a decent living.
Rita Swan - childrenshealthcare.org

Sent: Sunday, October 2, 2016 10:25 AM
Subject: Today’s Simpler Living Nudge

Oct. 2, Sun. Learn about the power of 'cheap food.' Resist using foods that deprive other countries of food and have little or no nutritional value, such as coffee. Caffeine is an addictive drug. Other beverages, like fruit juice, can be just as socially inviting.

to Rita

So glad to hear from you, Rita. I have sold Fair Trade coffee and chocolate at our church as well. The point I would have made if I had gone into detail is that growing coffee for export distracts many local farmers from providing food for their family and community.

I plan to use your comment in an upcoming podcast.

Gerald 'Jerry' Iversen

to Lois

So glad to hear from you, Lois. I plan to us your comment in an upcoming podcast.

# # #

Elysha Iversen

Sep 22

Love this!

On Sep 22, 2016, at 6:47 AM, Jerry Iversen wrote:

Sept. 22, Thur.

First Day of Fall/Autumn

Although Labor Day may mark the end of summer social activities, autumn officially begins when the autumnal equinox occurs. On this day, like the vernal equinox which marks the beginning of spring, the sun appears directly above the equator.

Learn about the changing seasons. Teach children - with a walk in a park, in the back yard, or out in the country - about what happens in nature. In areas with distinct seasons, autumn is the time when nature prepares for winter: flowers die, trees lose their leaves, animals develop warmer coats.

# # #

October 29

Helpful birthday ideas from Simple Living Works! http://simpleliving.startlogic.com/indexoth.php…

Philippe Granger

Wow, this interesting blog full of jewels leaves much to ponder about - thank you for sharing!

# # #

Oct 4


I'm living simply, being more, and not spending extra time on the computer. Please unsubscribe me from the mailing list. You've been an inspiration through the years.

Nanci Kuzins

# # #

Rita Swan

Here in Lexington, the horse capital of the world, we celebrate Hallowhinney with horses and riders in costume.

Your suggestions for a simpler-living Halloween are terrific. Next year maybe they could be sent out months in advance and I could persuade our church to adopt one.


# # #

Re: Nudge


Ty Krauss

​Good morning Jerry, we have been straw bale gardening for several years, it is an excellent process especially if your native soil is poor or your space is limited. The seeds or seedlings are planted directly into the straw which naturally decomposes and provides nutrients. The bales also keep the roots warmer, damper and limit the growth of invading plants. Of course a shot of worms and/or compose is beneficial as well. You just have to prepare the bale(s) by watering them occasionally several months prior to planting in order to give the straw a head start breaking down. Peace, Ty

# # #


Re: 'Whose Birthday?' 2016

Thanks, Gerald. Some awesome ideas indeed. An interesting read as well. I'll have to save this link for future reference. Take care.

Lee Kippen

# # # Re: Today's Simpler Living Nudge
Nov. 28, Mon.

Simplicity is a great peace-making tool we have in the war between the have's and the have-not's.

This is one of my favorites so far!

Elysha Iversen

# # #

Re: Today's Simpler Living Nudge
​Nov. 27, Sun. -- First Sunday in Advent

Say to yourself, out loud while looking in a mirror. 'I'm OK. I'm enough. I don't have to prove how good or strong I am by using my purchase power. I don't need to own or show-off my stuff to be accepted or loved. I'm forgiven for my past waste and extravagance.'


Warren Alderson

That's a good one!

Elysha Iversen

# # #

Thursday, November 24
Re: Today's Simpler Living Nudge

Read and discuss Isaiah 58: 6-12 as part of your preparation for observing Thanksgiving. 'Remove the chains of oppression and the yoke of injustice, and let the oppressed go free. Share your food with the hungry and open your homes to the homeless poor. Give clothes to those who have nothing to wear, and do not refuse to help your own relatives.' (TEV)

A very good reading indeed.

Warren Alderson

# # #



I've been teaching the 'Unplug the Christmas Machine' Workshop for several years. I'm in the process of modifying the workshop to teach to those living in difficult circumstances -- women's domestic violence shelters, homeless, low income. I've given prominent credit to Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli in each workshop I teach, and I'll do the same in this modified workshop that I'm preparing. But I wanted to contact them to let them know that I am doing this. Also, I'm happy to share what I've created, if there is interest in it.

Thank you in advance for any assistance -- and Merry Christmas!

Kristine Glenn


Dear Kristine,

What a nice letter you've written about your work with the Unplug workshop. Jo and I can't imagine a more satisfying use for the material. We presented the workshop once to women of color in East St. Louis. I think it's the workshop we learned the most from!

You have our enthusiastic blessing to use the material in any way you choose. It feels really good to know that people are still benefiting from it. Keep up the good work!

Jean Staeheli

# # #

Alderson, Warren Dec 22

But…because of Santa December 25th or a Monday close by is a holiday. A day off is happiness. A day off with pay is ecstasy! But I get what you mean.

Today’s Simpler Living Nudge

Dec. 22, Thur.

We have much better symbols of Christmas and giving than Santa, who has been completely taken over by commercial interests to sell us more stuff. We have Jesus giving himself to us and the Three Wise Ones giving gifts to Jesus. We have St. Nicholas, who gave gifts to the needy. Let's not confuse our children with stories about Santa. Let's tell the real stories of our faith.

# # #

Alderson, Warren


I am saddened by the relationships that have atrophied but maybe that is as it should be. I am also buoyed by the relationships that have thrived. Sometimes they 'simply' slip away.


Dec. 15, Thur.

More on Giving of Ourselves: Baking, sewing, woodworking, composing poetry or playing music. The point is more than finding a substitute for a thing-gift at Christmas; also building and strengthening a relationship that will nurture and be nurtured all year long.

# # #

Dec 4

Mourn. Meditate. Strategize. Resist. Today more than ever, it is time to identify and challenge the 'triple evils' of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism, as named by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peace, Ethan
Fellowship of Reconciliation

# # #


Re: Helpful birthday ideas from SLW!

Sharon Newell Holle

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes and this article is so interesting, we did several of the things suggested! We went out to dinner and to a movie, then family came over for birthday cake and ice cream and some pictures. I am Sagittarius and proud of it! :)

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