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Discussion/Study/Action/Activity GUIDES

Here's help to select a guide for your small group in your home, church or community, or for your Sunday School. Most of these are classics.

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Get books at your public library or local independent book seller. Some are available only from the source listed after the title. Most can be found with a simple internet search. We recommend ECOSIA.org, rather than Google.

The resources produced by Alternatives are in bold and are free on this site in the Archives.


(specific titles appear below)

I. Year Round Guides for a series or multiple sessions

A. Adults

1. Faith-based guides

a. Beginners - people who are open but have little information
b. Intermediate - people who have some idea; longer series
c. Advanced -- "deep thinkers"

2. Guides for a general audience (not faith-based)

B. Children & Intergenerational

C. Teens

II. Seasonal Guides

A. Advent and Christmas

1. Single session (one hour)
2. Multiple Session / Extended Time/Workshop
3. Children/Teens & Intergenerational

C. Lent and Easter

Specific Titles

I. Year Round guides (series/multiple session)


'Tis a Gift to Be Simple -- David Allen Sorensen and Barbara DeGrote-Sorensen
Six Weeks to a Simpler Lifestyle -- David Allen Sorensen and Barbara DeGrote-Sorensen
Living Simply
Break Forth into Joy! VIDEO | Discussion Guide
Families Creating a Circle of Peace - from Institute for Peace and Justice, St. Louis


Faith and Money Study Guide (includes Money Autobiography)
Living More with Less Study/Action Guide | More LMwL support materials
Simpler Living, Compassionate Life -- Michael Schutt, ed.
Those Who Speak for God: Household Studies in the Minor Prophets
Beyond Guilt and Hopelessness -- George A. Johnson
Beyond the News: Money VIDEO -- MennoMedia/Herald Press
Beyond the News: TV Violence & Your Child VIDEO -- MennoMedia/Herald Press
Basic Trek: Venture into a World of Enough -- MennoMedia/Herald Press


Clusters: Alternative Lifestyles for Families and Single People | Clusters blog

Adults--General audience

Affluenza (VIDEO and book) -- John De Graaf
Escape from Affluenza VIDEO -- John De Graaf
Northwest Earth Institute: numerous series, Voluntary Simplicity, etc.

Children & Intergenerational

Kids Creating Circles of Peace - from Institute for Peace and Justice, St. Louis
How to Teach Peace to Children
365 TV Free Activities
365 Outdoor Activities
Just Family Nights
Parent TREK -- MennoMedia/Herald Press
More Mudpies: 101 Alternatives to TV
Games: The AnyTime Game, Lifestories, Conversation Pieces
Books of Games: Simple Fun for Busy People, Everyone Wins
Reading Aloud: story books
Storytelling: Pete Seeger's Storytelling Book
Stories and Songs of Simple Living (book and CD)


The Merchants of Cool VIDEO (no discussion guide)
Games: The AnyTime Game, Lifestories, Conversation Pieces
Books of Games: Simple Fun for Busy People, Everyone Wins
Stories and Songs of Simple Living (book and CD)

II. Seasonal guides

Advent and Christmas--Single session (one hour)

Simple Living 101, including "Alternative Event Organizer's Kit"
"Let's Talk About Christmas" Worksheet
Advent/Christmas Adult Discussion/Activity Guides
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas VIDEO | Discussion Guide

Advent and Christmas--Multiple Session / Extended Time / Workshop

Advent/Christmas Adult Discussion/Activity Guides
Let Jesus Come, Let Santa Go AUDIO Workshop
UNPLUG the Christmas Machine and Leader's Guide to UNPLUG the Christmas Machine Workshop TEXT | AUDIO

Advent and Christmas--Children, Teens & Intergenerational

Child/Teen Advent Christmas Discussion/Activity Guides
The Christmas Game
The Christmas Game 2
Reading Aloud: The Christmas Stories Set
Home for Christmas


Who's Risen From the Dead? Discussion/Activity Guides, Passover and Easter Seders

Many More Articles: Non-seasonal
Many More Articles: Advent/Christmas
Many More Articles: Lent/Easter
Many More Articles: Other Seasons

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