Samples of Finished Resources

Most of the resources in the Archives are text and graphics -- ready for your design, your creativity. You can re-format them to suit your needs.

Here are samples of finished resources from us and from others to spark your creativity. Yes, you can use them 'as is,' or take the original elements and add your personality! Most are in PDF format.

NOTE: The name Alternatives for Simple Living and the contact information mentioned in some of the following are obsolete. You may want to line them out on copies you make and substitute SimpleLivingWorks@yahoo.com.

Advent Bulletin Insert series (redesigned by GospelLiving.org)

  • Advent 1-Simply Advent.pdf
  • Advent 2-Simply Presence.pdf
  • Advent 3-Simply Miracles.pdf
  • Advent 4-Simply a Savior.pdf

  • Consumo, Overlord of Overconsumption
  • Consumo: Cover of Quaker Life

  • Christmas Packs:
  • Christmas Budget-PDF
  • Advent Budget-PDF

    Simple Living 101: Tools for Activists: More Resources for Speakers
  • Let's Talk About Christmas (worksheet)
  • Christmas Budget Worksheet-TEXT 33
  • Alternative Giving Card - PDF 34

  • Wedding Alternatives:
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Checklist

  • What Does Jesus Want for Christmas? (pageant) - PDF or TEXT
    Also comes in AUDIO.

    Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? (Advent/Christmas) #16-20 also come in AUDIO.
  • coming -- #24
  • coming -- #23 (Michael Lerner, Bruce Forbes and others)
  • coming -- #22 (Richard Rohr, Sarah Butler Berlin, Tony Campolo and others)
  • coming -- #21 (Bob Sitze, Lynn A. Miller, Meg Cox and others) // #21 Cover
  • #20-text & PDF (Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne and others)
  • #19-text & PDF (Millard Fuller, Walter Wink, Ched Myers and others)

  • Worship Alternatives: Sermons, Art, Litanies, Hymns, Prayers, etc. Look for PDF in all Worship Items categories.

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