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This BLOG is the companion to our two-times-a-month podcast. The content is different, though the subject is the same.

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4 thoughts on “SLW! Blog

  1. I’m looking for resources for a church sponsored financial management class. Faith based but not fundamentalist. ( needs to be appropriate for all configurations of families including LGBT).
    any ideas?

  2. Is there a place to get archive podcasts of this site? I just found it and am listenting to episode 31, the first available in the feed, and within 5min, it references a list of principles detailed “in episode 2.”

    I cannot find episode 2 and feel that might give me a firmer foundation on what this podcast is about.

    1. Thanks for asking, Ed. All episodes are indexed twice at, window #3. Click preview/back-up there and you’ll have the option of the episodes with Show Notes or as preview/back-up. I hope you’ll subscribe through iTunes. (See the link in the Show Notes of each episode.) Your comments are welcome.

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