Episode 2 :: The 5 Life Standards

9521Five Life Standards from Living More with Less inform the mission of SLW!

1. Do Justice – using only our fair share of the Earth’s resources

2. Learn from the World Community – openness to other cultures (World Community Cookbooks); reverse missions and Fair Trade

3. Nurture People, Not Things – focus on relationships over stuff

4. Cherish the Nature Order – caring for Creation

5. Non-conform Freely – developing spiritual resistance to advertising that pressures us to buy things we don’t need

Support material for Living More with Less

TheCommonGoodPodcast.com, episode #27 with co-host Lee Van Ham, of which only an excerpt was used here, briefly presents the 5 Life Standards. The interview starts at minute 13. The conversation goes on to Practical Implications in episode 28.

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