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Church consultant, writer and self-styled neuroecclesiologist BOB SITZE brings decades of significant congregational and denominational leadership to his writing.  An ardent critic and beneficiary of contemporary church life, Bob lives and works alongside his spouse Chris in Wheaton, Illinois.

Bob’s blog online for TheLutheran.ORG, not .com

My blog ’bout Bob’s Book Simple Enough

Bob’s blog series that just may be a fore-taste of his book to come: StewardShift.

Bob’s Beyond Simplicity series for Alternatives

Bob’s Advent Meditation for Alternatives: “Be (UN)Afraid. Be Very (UN)Afraid!

SLW! Honor Roll of Champions of Simple Living

Also Mentioned

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The Common Good Podcast

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  • Nov.-Dec. – new “WHOSE Birthday?” Podcast series. Podcast Indexincluding “WHOSE Birthday?” 2013.

Mentions in Earlier Episodes

SLW! Podcast episode #30 — Paul Canavese and spouse Ann contributed to the Wedding Alternatives Supplement. They hosted Rita and I on a speaking tour. Read the notes of that visit at Post #58.


  • Advent resources
  • Personal life: backyard garden, chickens, bees, community sidewalk garden.
  • Paul’s message series on Gospel.Link – ways of creatively engaging people and faith communities on daily life spirituality, through a bunch of leader and participant resources, some closely related to simple living.
  • His new set of small group series on the Spirituality of Work, for seven different occupations; the last session of each is work/life balance.
  • As a Catholic publisher, The Pastoral Center loves talking about Pope Francis and Catholic social justice documents. Pope Francis has been a big advocate for living more simply and in closer solidarity with the poor — and doing so with joy!  So Paul creates resources to help get that message out. Pope Francis is working on a much anticipated encyclical on ecology. Paul will definitely have resources to help faith communities study and reflect on it once it’s released.
  • Ann and Paul have also become the co-directors of Growing Up Catholic  which reaches out to Catholic families, also with a simplicity aspect.
  • Paul also heads up GospelLiving.org.

Relevant Pastoral Center links: Advent eResources, included Simply Advent by Paul, incorporating some SLW! resources | Free online series, including “Faith@Work” and “The World As It Should Be” at Gospel.link | Spirituality of Work resources from The Pastoral Center, including small group resources for seven occupations | Family and parenting resources at GrowingUpCatholic.com | Resources supporting Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel, including “The Joy of Just Living: Living simply, sustainably, and in solidarity with the poor” | Other Simple Living and Ecology resources | Simply Advent handouts, inserts for-a-simpler-more-faith-filled-advent-eresource.


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