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Once a purple swing-state, Iowa has become an official red state, following the  dismal path of Wisconsin and other regressive governments funded by the Kochs and other plutocrats.

Rob Hogg, Iowa state senator from Cedar Rapids and the author of America’s Climate Century, talks frankly about dealing with backward government.

Read ore about his Summer of Citizenship and its Picnic for the People kick-off at https://www.facebook.com/events/1886415901637203/

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Mark your calendars now and plan to call your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative on or before Friday, June 9, to support Citizens Climate Lobby’s “carbon fee and dividend” proposal and other action to address climate change.

Let’s unite our country for the climate action we so urgently need. Let Congress know we can have a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future with clean energy and other climate change solutions.

It’s okay to call all U.S. Representatives in your state. They are likely to respond to citizens in their state, regardless of address, because district lines change and because U.S. Representatives often become candidates for statewide office.

The Facebook link below has a place to record your calls so that CCL can track how many calls are made. These calls are to support CCL’s proposal before the organization’s national conference and lobby days in Washington, D.C., June 11 to June 13.

Reach out to invite others in your state to join this effort. You can invite your friends and share this Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/757936277719571/

In the Iowa Senate since 2007, Rob Hogg is serving as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, after two terms in the Iowa House.

He and his wife, Kate, live in Cedar Rapids with their three children. He is active with IowaClimateAdvocates.org.

His book, America’s Climate Century: What Climate Change Means for America in the 21st Century and What Americans Can Do About It he calls on Americans to make the fight against climate change our new national purpose. Climate change is the defining historical issue of the 21st Century. After the heat and drought of 2012, Hurricane Sandy, and all of the other recent climate disasters, it is time for America to take climate action.

Having represented Cedar Rapids during an unprecedented flood that caused billions in damage in 2008, Senator Hogg brings a dose of reality to the issue of climate change. What happens this century — ever-worsening climate disasters or effective action to fight climate change — depends on the knowledge and action of every American.

With a fresh, personal, accessible and straight-talking approach, this one book explains why the 21st Century is America’s climate century. In 120 pages, it succinctly explains the science, the consequences, and the solutions of climate change, and helps Americans understand why we need to lead the world in the effort to safeguard our people, our property and our future from the dangers of climate change.

The book is only $10 from local, independent bookstores or Amazon (paper or Kindle).

Extended video interview on Fallon Forum on YouTube (runs 5:15-28:30 of the one hour program)

A Jubilee-Economics blog about Rob’s book.

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