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Lee Van Ham’s From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable

  1.  This book is the 2nd of three in the series, “Eden for the 21st Century.” How does the content of this book fit into that series?
  2.   The book agrees with those who say that the current crises are beyond anything our species has ever faced. What is it about our current moment that makes it so daunting?
  3.   As your subtitle indicates, the book’s overall structure follows the sequence of a mythic heroic journey. How does that journey fit our task of keeping our planet livable?
  4.   You attach a lot of importance to the experience of Call. Do you believe that our entire human species is being called to this heroic journey? What is the importance of speaking about our response to Earth’s ecological crises as a Call?
  5.   Quite a few First Peoples speak in your book—especially in the “Foreword” (written by a Hau-den-o-SAU-ne woman) and in Chapter Seven where First Peoples are considered mentors and partners in OneEarth living. What is happening among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples that make their voices important to our heroic journey?
  6.   It’s apparent that Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, has been important to how you understand our abilities as humans to move beyond what we’ve yet achieved. What is it about Jung that makes him so helpful in solving our ecological and civilizational crises?
  7.   You speak about this as an apocalyptic time. Why do you find it helpful to speak of apocalypse? Many use that word to describe catastrophe.
  8.   Every heroic journey is a quest for a treasure. What is the treasure that our heroic journey seeks in order to solve the crises we’re in?
  9.   You join with Thomas Berry, the late “geologian,” and others in believing that we humans are capable of moving beyond greed, acquisitiveness, and domination and actually create a world beyond our current crises. On what do you base such belief?
  10.  Heroic journeys take us on life-threatening adventures, but finally we arrive “home.” What does home look like in our journey from egos to Eden?

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  1. Thanks for the intro to your new book; I hope to read it soon.
    Another group that is gleaning in San Diego County is the Senior Gleaners of San Diego County, a 24-year-old organization that utilizes the skills of senior volunteers (age 55 & over) to glean excess food that would otherwise be destroyed from area grocery stores, farms and back yards. With some 50 volunteers the group gleaned (saved) nearly 350,000 pounds of food last year that was distributed to some 35 different food giving agencies in the county. Food was given out only to those who qualified by federal poverty guidelines.

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