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Part 2 — Episode 77: Fighting for Clean Water with Paula Wansa [Preview]

How a small group of women cleaned up California’s most toxic waste dump over 20 years and protected their water supply and school.

VIDEO — Thirsty for Justice: The Struggle for the Human Right to Water

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Part 1 — Episode 76: Celebrating Ugly Food / Gleaning with Pastor Amy Beveridge, Gail McNichols-Oliver and Emily Wilson [9/1]

Exploring the intersection of food, water & faith in a time of drought.
Every Sunday in August, Bethel Lutheran Church (ELCA), Templeton, CA – Speakers, film, music, worship, fun! + Ugly Food Banquet.

Bethel Lutheran’s Ugly Food Project promotion items (media releases, bulletin inserts, etc.) Plus an extended conversation with Gail McNichols-Oliver, a founder of GleanSLO, and Biblical reflections by Pr. Amy in light of Jesus’ feeding the multitudes.

Ugly Food Facts

40% of food in America goes to waste in fields, gardens, stores, restaurants, schools.

√ Ugly produce may actually be healthier than pretty food. Some imperfect, cracked fruit may contain more antioxidants.

France now requires supermarkets to give away unsold food.


√ Carrying a reusable “take home” container in our cars saves left-overs from our restaurant meals and keeps more single-use containers out of the landfill.


FutureOfFood.com // NatGeoFood.com

National Geographic, March, 2016, cover story: How ‘Ugly’ Fruits and Vegetables Can Help Solve World Hunger

√ “Tossed Out: Food Waste in America” 29 min. video from NET Nebraska/Harvest Public Media. Site includes 3, 2-3 min. clips: “Inside a Landfill,” “Food Waste in the Family Home,” “Trash to Glass.”

√ GleanSLO volunteers – part of San Luis Obispo County, CA, Food Bank – rescue food from stores, fields and back yards and give it to agencies for distribution. GleanSLO.org

5 Things I Learned While Lobbying Congress on Food Waste

√ Lutheran World Relief and ELCA Hunger videos  http://lwr.org/videos  http://www.elca.org/Resources/ELCA-World-Hunger

MORE Resources

Making Applesauce – Gerald Iversen’s blog about how working with ugly food can be a spiritual experience.

Full Frame [Link TV]: Eradicating Hunger, includes segment at end on gleaning

Why People Are Falling in Love with “Ugly Food” – TIME, March, 2015

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