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Earth’s climate and livability are the biggest issue before us in 2018! That’s why our first episode of the year brings you the articulate voices of Nancy and Derek Casady. Listeners, you’ll hear their stories of why, after all the great experiences of their lives to date, they are now ardently devoted to mobilizing more of us to reverse climate change—still doable, but only if we mobilize like the Allied Powers did to counter the Nazis and Japanese in WWII. Hence the name Climate Mobilization. Why should war against enemies mobilize us more fervently than working against aggressive powers destroying Earth’s livability?

Derek has had many shining moments in California politics through his activism in the Democratic Party. (Read about them here.) Nancy has had many shining moments in the organic, healthy food system, including directing the excellent Organic Market in the Ocean Beach Neighborhood of San Diego. She was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the California Food and Agriculture Board. (Learn more about Nancy here.) Now Derek and Nancy work together directing The Climate Mobilization, a great organization with strong action to reverse climate change.

Nancy and Derek describe why The Climate Mobilization is their choice for devoted action. They describe the national strategy and the city strategies. Might the Climate Mobilization Project also be the vehicle for your devotion to Earth?

Vision of the Future (Jerry’s classic blog)

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