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WHOSE Birthday?

A 4-episode series drawn from Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? #15 (lectionary cycle B), Alternatives’ annual Advent/Christmas/Epiphany resource for individuals, families and congregations.

To find resources referenced in each episode, go to the links in the TEXT version of each item. All the items are linked below. Or use the search engine in window #4 at SimpleLivingWorks.org.

Meet the author:

Episode 103: Kathy McGinnis, director and co-founder of The Institute for Peace & Justice, and her late husband Jim, wrote the reflections for the “Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?” series in the upcoming Nov.-Dec. episodes (#15). Visit the Institute’s site to see its fascinating history, inspiring programs and numerous awards.

10 Tips for a Simpler, More Meaningful Christmas | SPANISH: 10 puntas

Music: Sing Justice! Do Justice! New Hymn & Song Texts to Familiar & New Tunes (index + selections) | Source | Media Release | AUDIO: Hope Is a Candle (Advent candle lighting hymn) | O Baby Born in Bethlehem | God of Justice Everflowing (Advent hymn)



“WHOSE Birthday?” How-to

Fun Activities

Also Mentioned–Simple Living 101: Tools for Activists (shy or bold)

#105-Advent 1-2


Inspiring Reflections

  • Advent 1: “We Are All the Work of Your Hands”
  • Advent 2: “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord”

Fun Activities

#106-Advent 3-4 & Christmas Eve


Inspiring Reflections

  • Advent 3: “Bring Glad Tidings to the Poor”
  • Advent 4: “Behold Your Handmaid, O Lord”
  • Christmas Eve: “You Shall Be Called ‘My Delight'”

Fun Activities

#107-Christmas Season-Epiphany


Inspiring Reflections

  • Christmas I: Holy Family Sunday”Over All These Clothes, Put on Love”
  • Epiphany: “Then They Opened Their Treasures…”

Fun Activities

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More Fun Activities (no audio): Christmas Quiz // WHOSE Birthday “Contest”

BONUS Items (no audio)

Themes/Seasons: Alternatives’ Collections IndexAdvent/Christmas/Epiphany 

Spanish Advent-Christmas Resources

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WHOSE Birthday? #29, online edition for 2017.

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See article about “Whose Birthday?” in fall edition of the national publication for ELCA leaders, Seeds for the Parish, p. 7.

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Music: Sing Justice! Do Justice! New Hymn & Song Texts to Familiar & New Tunes (index + selections) | Source | Media Release | AUDIO: Hope Is a Candle (Advent candle lighting hymn) | O Baby Born in Bethlehem | God of Justice Everflowing (Advent hymn)

Advent Conspiracy: video, family guide and Advent calendar, Sunday School curriculum, Advent sermon outline // SLW! Podcast

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The Simpler Living Daily NUDGE

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Earlier Episodes

Episode 56Ken Weigel, Exec. Dir. of Advent Conspiracy

Can Christmas still change the world? The Christmas story is a story of love, hope, redemption and relationship. So, what happened? How did it turn into stuff, stress and debt? Somehow, we’ve traded the best story in the world for the story of what’s on sale.

In 2006 five pastors imagined a better Christmas practice for their own communities. Today, Advent Conspiracy is a global movement of people and churches resisting the cultural Christmas narrative of consumption by choosing a revolutionary Christmas through

    • Spending Less,
    • Giving More
    • Loving All
    • Worshipping Fully

In this episode, Ken illuminates each of those four tenets.

It is not enough to say no to the way Christmas is celebrated by many; we need to say yes to a different way of celebrating.

This Christmas, give to change the world. Since its beginning, Advent Conspiracy invited every co-conspirator to allocate a portion of resources to address the global water crisis. There may be no better time of year to really see the stark contrast between the extravagance of culture and the simplicity of water. More than a billion of our global neighbors lack access to clean water and sanitation, and we believe Christmas can change this. Because of people like you who have entered into the conspiracy, millions of dollars have been given to provide clean water solutions around the world.

FREE Church Resources: Children’s Curriculum, audio, video, more // Advent Conspiracy FAQ’s

  • The Ugly Food Project – Let’s Have an Ugly Food Thanksgiving
  • Part 2 — Episode 77: Fighting for Clean Water with Paula Wansa (9/15/16)

    How a small group of women cleaned up California’s most toxic waste dump over 20 years and protected their water supply and school. // VIDEO — Thirsty for Justice: The Struggle for the Human Right to Water

    Part 1 — Episode 76: Celebrating Ugly Food / Gleaning with Pastor Amy Beveridge, Gail McNichols-Oliver and Emily Wilson [9/1/16]

    Exploring the intersection of food, water & faith in a time of drought.
    Every Sunday in August, Bethel Lutheran Church (ELCA), Templeton, CA – Speakers, film, music, worship, fun! + Ugly Food Banquet.

    Bethel Lutheran’s Ugly Food Project promotion items (media releases, bulletin inserts, etc.) Plus an extended conversation with Gail McNichols-Oliver, a founder of GleanSLO, and Biblical reflections by Pr. Amy in light of Jesus’ feeding the multitudes. Including Ugly Food Facts / Tips / Resources

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